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Stretch Wrap vs Shrink Wrap

What is the difference between stretch wrap and shrink wrap?


Stretch wrap or stretch film is a thin film that stretches around the object. Shrink wrap or shrink film requires heat to mold it to the shape of the object. Both are used in various packaging applications, so your decision should be based on the application and what type of protection it needs.

Americover’s heat shrink wrap is designed for heavy duty protection needs. Applications such as wrapping large plant equipment, scaffold wrap containment of buildings or bridges, temporary structure covers, weatherization of marine boats and other vehicles, palletized freight and temporary protection for damaged roofs and buildings. You can also use heat shrink wrap to protect machinery during storage. Our 9 & 12 mil heat shrink wrap passes NFPA 701 for applications that require fire retardant or flame retardant materials.

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Whether you need surface protection from weather or need protection for storage or during transportation, heat shrink wrap is a great solution. We offer the best quality, the best pricing and even better service. No matter what size or shape, nothing protects like Americover’s Heat Shrink Wrap. Call 833-261-6501 for more information on available sizes and colors.