Surface Protection

Surface Protection During Ceiling Repairs

Believe it or not, ceiling repairs are as common as almost anything else when it comes to interior renovation. Whether you want to get rid of that tacky popcorn ceiling from the 1980s, looking to add color to your ceiling, or want to install new lighting fixtures – ceiling repairs can be tricky. The reason for this problem is gravity; ceiling repairs can cause a lot of debris to fall and potentially damage your expensive floors, carpet, walls, windows, and a variety of other surfaces such as counter tops and shelves. Using the proper surface protection can help improve the efficiency of any renovation project at a large or small scale.

Rapid Wall Cover

Walls and Interior Appointments:

Don’t worry, though – there are solutions! With Rapid Wall Covers, you can quickly and easily wall-off entire sections of walls, cabinetry, windows, or other interior appointments by simply taping and unrolling the material along the surface you wish to protect. Similarly, Americover supplies a variety of Counter Top and Multi Surface Covers, which protect your counters from unwanted spills, paint, debris, etc. These self-adhere to a variety of surfaces including stone, laminates, tile, Corian, and much more. We also offer Logo Counter Top Cover  that can be customized with your company logo or slogan!


Similarly, it is crucial to protect your floors during projects involving ceiling work. While hard surfaces are slightly easier to clean up, carpeted surfaces can be a nightmare. Protect them with Carpet Cover – this 3 mil thick film is strong, durable, and puncture resistant. This means you can use equipment like ladders on them with no problem at all! The water-based adhesive on these covers stick to the carpet, but do not leave any sort of residue or color behind. Do you have white carpets but want to paint your ceiling bright orange? No problem! Carpet Cover can protect your floors for jobs, events, or projects for up to 45 days per application. We also offer a Fire Retardant Carpet Cover for those extra heavy-duty or riskier projects in hospitals, schools or gov’t buildings. Make the job even easier and apply carpet cover with a simple-to-use applicator.


Windows are also important to protect during any project mainly because they scratch easily, and are fragile. Some Heavy Duty Sheeting may be needed in projects where windows are more vulnerable to immediate damage, such as floor to ceiling windows, or large panoramic panes. Although these products are not self-adhering, they are extremely easy and quick to install around a window frame. Scrim reinforced plastic sheeting is a fantastic approach, as the polyester reinforcement adds durable protection against potential damage caused by renovation work.