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Tarp-Pulling Pro-Tips for Greenhouse Light Deprivation

Tarp-Pulling Pro-Tips for Greenhouse Light Deprivation

Whether you’re in the process of building a greenhouse or already cultivating your harvest, you’ve likely heard that light dep is the way to grow if you’re looking to produce high-quality buds. Well, we’re happy to confirm this to be true—not only that, but we’re also sharing the ‘best of’ in process and materials to help your harvest reach its full potential.

Light deprivation is essentially just what it sounds like—depriving your plants of light. We do this strategically to simulate different seasons, enabling plants to thrive in year-round conditions. This is typically achieved using a heavy-duty light deprivation or “black out” tarp like BOLD®.

While light dep provides accelerated grow times, higher quality product and greater control over your crops, covering and uncovering your greenhouse at exactly the right time can be extremely time and labor intensive—not to mention costly should you disrupt the process.

Fortunately, there are a number of solutions available that can save you time, money and backache. Here are three of them.

The Most Durable

Tarp Pulling Arm

Tarp pulling arms allow you easily cover and uncover a greenhouse without additional help, providing you with greater control over the process minus the arduousness of the rope and pulley system. There are a few options for tarp pulling arms on the market, but the BOLD EZarm from Americover is the strongest, longest lasting and most efficient, enabling you to cover or uncover your greenhouse within minutes.

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The Most Cost-Effective

Manual DIY Pulley System

If cost is an overriding factor or you simply have a knack for DIY projects, a manual system may be an ideal option. This method tends to work best using a rope and pulley, as the act of covering and uncovering a large greenhouse structure can be extremely arduous—if not impossible—for one person. The manual system is extremely common among growers, but because the process is so labor-intensive and has to be done at specific intervals each day, it does present a slightly elevated risk of human error, as forgetting even once can severely impact your harvest’s growth.

The Most Convenient

Automated Light Dep Greenhouse System

If cost isn’t your biggest factor (and convenience is), an auto light dep solution is a good choice. With this hassle-free system, all you need to do is program it to cover and uncover your greenhouse at the intervals you want, saving you considerably in time and energy.

While highly convenient, some growers may feel less comfortable relying on an automated system to work without fail and instead prefer to have the control that a manual system affords. This leads us to our next recommendation …

Americover: Your Partner in Growth

Americover is a single-source for all of your light deprivation needs, from comparison information on the different covers used across the cultivation industry to our inventory of top-quality covers, liners, and accessories.