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Auto Carpet Cover for the Automotive Industry

Americover is a top supplier of American made specialty plastic sheeting and film. There are many different industries that benefit from the products we offer. This month we’d like to highlight which products cater to the automotive industry.

​​Automotive Carpet Cover

accProducts such as our Auto Carpet Cover provide superior protection for auto carpet mats. It’s easy to install and keeps the vehicle with a “new car” feel and look by protecting the carpets from soil, oil, and other damages caused by heavy foot traffic. Auto Carpet cover is available with or without the “Dealer Must Remove” print for a professional appearance. It is also available with or without Perforation, making it easy to use.

Heat Shrink Wrap

hsw-carOur Heat Shrink Wrap is another product that is perfect for cars that will be in storage, or to keep it all together until you are ready to fix it up. Heat Shrink Wrap acts as a second skin to the object it is protecting, and if installed properly can keep moisture out preventing rust, dust and debris build-up. Heat Shrink Wrap contains UV inhibitors to extend the service life to a minimum of 2 years. This is also a great solution for protection during transportation. If you are towing it, shipping it, or flying it, protect your automobile from weather damage with Heat Shrink Wrap. Salvage yards who palletize parts also use Heath Shrink Wrap while our Heat Shrink Tape has been used to tape cars up for painting at salvage yards.

String Reinforced Poly Sheeting

paint-boothOur String Reinforced Poly Sheeting can be used to build a paint booth. This poly sheeting is string reinforced for added strength, and available in several mil thicknesses. It is waterproof, UV resistant, and tear resistant. Cover the walls, hang from the ceiling with a Zipwall kit, or create a stand-alone paint booth with PVC piping or wooden beams, and a zipper door.


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