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The Best Greenhouse Covers for Windy Areas

Harsh wind conditions can be detrimental to your season. Whether you’re battling wind storms or extreme weather conditions, it’s vital that you protect your crops with durable greenhouse covers. Creating the best protection for your greenhouses all comes down to understanding wind in your region and what materials will outlast your areas’ storms.

Wind Speeds and Gusts That Cause Damage

Typically, greenhouses are built to withstand a minimum wind load. However, even a gust of high-speed wind can severely damage your greenhouse cover in minutes. The main problem with wind at any speed is the pressure it creates around and within the greenhouse as well as the blowing debris that could puncture or tear your cover.

Windiest Regions in the U.S.

Wind storms can be harsher in some areas of the country. When understanding how to protect your greenhouse, it’s important to know what you’re up against before you start growing. 

The Midwest is considered one of the windiest regions in the U.S. The majority of these states, including Michigan, Nebraska, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Oklahoma, all have average wind gusts of nearly 21 mph. The Rocky Mountain region–Wyoming, Colorado, and Montana–records similar gusts yearly. Hawaii and Alaska also rank as some of the windiest areas in the United States, recording up to 22 mph on average wind speeds. If your greenhouse is located in these areas without the proper covers, your plants and crops can be destroyed before they have a chance to properly produce.

Reduce the Risk of Damage with Durable Greenhouse Covers

No matter where you live in the country, it’s important to find a durable cover to truly protect your greenhouse. The best covers will withstand wind storms and weather elements, and are tear-resistant and puncture-resistant. It’s important that they also come in stock and custom sizes to fit all of your structures. Here is a list of the top greenhouse covers that have been trusted by Americover’s clients. 

6 Mil Temporary Greenhouse Cover

6 Mil Temporary Greenhouse Cover is an excellent solution to protect your crops over winter or during the rainy season and combat destructive seasonal winds. This cover consists of two sheets of high-strength virgin polyethylene film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene. A heavy-duty scrim reinforcement placed between these plies greatly enhances tear resistance and increases service life. DURA SKRIM’s heavy-duty diamond reinforcement responds to tears immediately by surrounding and stopping the tear. Our customers use the 6 Mil Temporary Greenhouse Cover in short-term applications that require high puncture and tear resistance.

DS10HUV Temporary Greenhouse Cover

DS10HUV Temporary Greenhouse Cover is an ideal solution to protect crops from high wind and seasonal climate changes during winter and rainy seasons. The UV inhibitors and thermal stabilizers ensure up to approximately one year of durable protection in fully exposed outdoor conditions. Our customers rely on the durability of this product for all of their outdoor structures in areas that require the highest protection from wind damage. 

SolaScrim™ 4 Year 10 mil Clear Reinforced Greenhouse Cover

Our SolaScrim™ 4 Year 10 mil Clear Reinforced Greenhouse Cover is one of our most premium greenhouse covers, made with a layer of reinforcement designed to last through all weather challenges including rain, sleet, wind, sun, and snow for up to 4 years. Due to the durability and make up of SolaScrim™, it’s significantly more puncture and rip-resistant than any standard greenhouse cover. The extrusion lamination process and high-strength reinforcement scrim make this greenhouse cover exceptionally strong. Our customers find that investing in this long-term solution has saved them both time and money year over year.

Clear Woven Coated Polyethylene

Our Custom Fabricated Woven Coated Poly is ​​manufactured by weaving narrow ribbons of high-density polyethylene and extrusion coating with an impermeable layer of low-density polyethylene. The heat from the process permanently fuses layers together, providing superior resistance to tearing, stretching, and puncture. This process creates armor-like protection for your greenhouse and is ideal for even the windiest regions of the country.

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