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The Importance of Updating Your Crawl Space After a Flood

From natural disasters to problems with plumbing, a flood in your home is disastrous. Flood damage can wreak havoc on your home and is a homeowner’s worst nightmare. In the case of a flood, many times the crawl space is completely submerged by bacteria-infested water, leaving the area to be a host of different issues. The steps you take post-flood are critical to preserving your home, your crawl space, and ultimately your family’s wellbeing. 

Flood Damage in Your Crawl Space 

While many of us just think of the damage water can do during a flood, there are many other variables that can affect your home following a flood. 

Pests and Debris: Floods can wash in unwanted pests like insects and rodents and debris like leaves, dirt, and so on due to heavy rainfall or natural disasters. 

Mold and Mildew: Due to the intense moisture that is left behind after a flood, your crawl space is the ideal condition for mold and mildew to grow quickly. 

Crawl Space Erosion: This occurs when a crawl space is unencapsulated and has no protective covering. Water damage can cause erosion which can affect the foundation of your home. 


Your Crawl Space Post-Flood 

The best way to ensure the protection of your home, as well as your crawl space, is to properly prepare the space for the event of a flood. Encapsulating your crawl space not only prevents pests and mold but also improves the air quality and decreases the presence of moisture. But how do you effectively update your crawl space after the flood? 

Ensure the flooding has stopped: Once you have fixed the cause of the flood (weather, burst pipe, etc.) you will then need to drain your crawl space. A great way to do this is to use a sump pump, which is designed to be submerged in water and can pump out any excess. 

Clean your crawl space: Cleaning your crawl space is vital before prepping it after a flood. Ridding the space of any pests and debris that may have come in with the water allows for a clean space. 

Ensure your crawl space is dry: Having the crawl space dried out after the flood is also very important. By drying the crawl space using fans and dehumidifiers, you decrease the likelihood of mold and mildew being able to form in the future. 

Call Americover for some high-quality products: Once you are finished preparing your crawl space for encapsulation, you will need a high-quality vapor barrier to protect your space for the future. 


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