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Indoor Grow Room Black Plastic

Using Fire Retardant Materials for Indoor Growing

Without warning, the local fire marshal can show up at your operation’s doorstep and shut you down in minutes. Why? Because you aren’t using fire retardant plastic sheeting.

When growing indoors, you have various fire hazards at play – fans blasting, lights beaming, ventilation systems running, and much more. Like all electronic components to any operation, they impose a rather high fire hazard. You may not know this, but not all plastic sheeting is fire retardant. If your grow room is lined with plastic sheeting (on walls, windows, floors, ceilings, etc.), you should make sure that it is fire retardant to avoid being condemned by the fire marshal. When selecting the materials for your grow room, be sure to do diligent research to make sure that your materials are fire tested and certified by credible associations, such as ASTM of NFPA. Learn more about fire tests and certifications here. Once you have the proper materials in place, your indoor grow room will be safe for you, your staff, and your plants.

Americover proudly offers a variety of specialty fire retardant films engineered specifically for indoor grow rooms, and are approved by (California) fire marshals. You can use these films to cover windows, line floors, protect walls, and much more. Please do not hesitate to contact us at 1 (800) 747 6095 to see exactly how we can help you get your grow room safely up and running!

Disclaimer: *Fire retardant does not mean fire proof. Materials with fire retardant additives simply slow the spread of flame when fire is introduced, and in some cases, self-extinguish.