PCBC Comes to San Diego for the First Time

The 2013 PCBC show was close to home this year at the San Diego Convention Center.  For more than 50 years the PCBC show was in San Francisco.  This event gathered together some of America’s most remarkable Construction professionals including architects, contractors, investors, product manufacturers, builders, and many more. 

This year they held their 50th Annual Gold Nugget Awards.  This annual competition recognizes the “excellence and innovation in addressing complex design/build issues.”  There were 533 entries in 49 categories.  Each Category had 4 project winners.

We extend a big congratulations to our local SoCal award winners.  One of the top awards for Home of the Year went to local builder, Ryland’s Homes for the Fairbrook Estates in Scripps Ranch.  The architect/designer was Woodley Architectural Group and they did an immaculate job building 17 lots on a former elementary school site.  The judges stated, “Our 2013 Home of the Year, borrowed from the past, ignored the present and landed in the future.”  You can check out a gallery of the projects won on the Union Tribune.

One of the highlights of the PCBC show was the Focus 360 NEXT™, a cloud-supported PC and iPad application for the real estate industry.  This app is designed to help a sales representative connect, inspire and sell by transferring all of the builder’s community data and assets to the iPad.  Since it is cloud supported, it runs faster and there’s no web page loading time, meaning the information is always current.  Another highlight was the NanaWall System, an innovative folding glass door that seamlessly transitions indoor and outdoor spaces.

The keynote speaker was the one of the world’s leading urbanist Richard Florida.  As well as the Author of long running New York Times best seller, A Whole New Mind, Daniel H. Pink.  There were 6 workshops, 2 of which were sponsored by Guild Mortgage Company.  Topics were New Home Sales, Strategies for getting back into the game, Superior Sales Management, Totally Cool & Completely Cost-effective, Rethinking 50+ and Building an Ageless Community.

If you are looking to attend next year’s PCBC 2014 San Francisco show it will be June 25-27 at the Moscone Center, 747 Howard Street in San Francisco, CA 94103.  *please note that future dates are tentative, you can visit www.pcbc.com to stay current on the tradeshow.