heavy duty tape

Tape Isn’t Just for Wrapping Gifts

Americover offers a variety of tape options with special features for many different applications, but this isn’t the scotch tape used to wrap gifts, and it’s not that gray duct tape used to temporarily fix everything. Our tape is designed for heavy duty jobs requiring features such as flame retardant, waterproof, or chemical resistant.


Vapor TapeVapor Tape is a combination of heavy duty, weather resistant polyethylene backing with a non-staining, clean removal, rubber adhesive.  This white tape is 4” x 180’, and it’s ideal for seaming large panels of polyethylene film such as vapor retarders, covers and liner applications.  Polyethylene tape is also a great repair tool for poly tunnels and cracked panes in greenhouses.
butyl-2-sided-rubber-tapeButyl 2 Sided Rubber Tape by Americover is a 35 mil thick, 2-sided seaming tape available in 1.5” x 100’.  The most common application for this rubber tape is in crawl space encapsulations that require a bond to hard surfaces such as concrete.  This is especially beneficial when taping the liner to the walls of the crawl space because it maintains a nice barrier around the foundation pins when they are installed.

225-FR-tape-by-polyken225FR Waterproof/Fire Retardant Polyethylene tape by Polyken
is a flame retardant, polyethylene coated, waterproof tape.  It is also known as Cargo Pit Tape.  It has an exceptionally aggressive adhesive and conforms to FAA specification FAR 25.853(a) McDonnell-Douglas spec DMS 1986D, Lockheed spec LCP-86-1226-A, and Boeing spec D 6-8099.  It is great for building applications requiring flame retardancy such as sealing duct work, fiberglass insulation and wire harness insulation.   This tape is also designed for cargo pit applications and for freight carrying aircrafts.

steele_tape_787_20_b_745bigSteele Tape 787-20-B by Americover
is LCF and BAC5034-4 PSD 6-41 approved.  This tape is available in black, white, red and orange as a 3” x 60’ roll.  This is a fairly inexpensive tape designed to resist the attack of oil, chemicals, solvents, acids, moisture, and corrosion.  Steele tape is useful in electrical binding and applying to carbon composite and carbon fiber-reinforced plastic (CFRP).

Flame-Retardant-Plastic-Sheeting-TapeFlame Retardant Plastic Sheeting Tape by Americover
is a 2” x 100’ roll of black fire retardant tape.  This flame retardant tape has a natural rubber adhesive and a polymeric/fabric composite backing.  It is great in applications for automotive engine compartment and interior electrical wire harness applications.  It can also be used with the black fire retardant polyethylene sheeting.  This tape is easy to tear and apply, self-extinguishes, resistant to typical automotive fluids, and non-corrosive to copper wire.

Heat-Shrink-TapeHeat Shrink Tape
is a very conformable, tough, waterproof tape with a permanently tacky adhesive which bonds well to most surfaces over a wide range of temperatures. Designed to hold heat shrink film in place while shrinking the film. The tape itself does not shrink. It also has good tensile strength and excellent tear characteristics. Low temperature bond is very good. Basic applications include wire identification, display, polyethylene splicing and patching, and surface protection. AM-704 Tape is 4 inches wide x 180 feet long, pressure sensitive adhesive for preservation and sealing. The Heat Shrink Tape is in stock in white (Other colors available in 120 roll minimums. Please call for optional colors. and quantities.)

For more information on which tape is best for your next project please contact us at sales@americover.com or call us at 833-261-6501.