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ice rink liner

Tips for Buying and Installing an Ice Rink Liner

Building an ice rink is a great way to celebrate the winter months. The longevity and durability of your DIY project depends on the quality and proper installation of your ice rink liner. Here’s how to create a rink with products that will last through the winter season.

Selecting the Right Ice Rink Liner

Before you start building your ice rink, you need to purchase all of the right materials. At Americover, we are the experts on ice rink liners. We have supplied rink liners to the NHL, homeowners, and small businesses who operate ice rinks or build them just for fun in their backyards. Here are the top products you should consider for your project.

5 Mil White/Black Plastic Sheeting

This white/black plastic sheeting is a great option for lining your ice rink. This option is highly puncture- and tear-resistant and will last through varying weather conditions. 5 mil thickness should be sufficient for your project; thicker options are available if needed. 

6 Mil Dura-Skrim® Reinforced Plastic Sheeting

A 6 mil DURA-SKRIM® reinforced plastic sheeting is another great option for lining your ice rink. This plastic sheeting is extremely durable and lightweight, making it ideal for installation and use on indoor and outdoor temporary projects. The 6 Mil Dura-Skrim® is also a certified vapor retarder passing ASTM E 96 standards.

Heat Shrink Wrap

Our heat shrink wrap material is UV stabilized for longevity. It comes in clear and bright white and has a range of mil thicknesses (6-12 mil) and a variety of sizes.

Depending on the needs of your project, we also offer a variety of custom solutions.

Installing Your Ice Rink Liner

Once you’ve decided on the ideal liner, it’s time to build your ice rink. Here are some tips to help you select the right location and install all of your materials properly.

  1. Choose a flat, shady area free of rocks to begin building your rink.
  2. If you are using stakes, be sure to install these before the ground freezes.
  3. If you choose a white/black liner material, put the sheeting white side up to reflect the sun. The black side will attract heat and melt the ice faster.
  4. When installing your ice rink liner, don’t staple it to the boards before the rink is completely full. This could put excessive strain on your liner and lead to potential tears.
  5. Don’t fill your ice rink up all at once.  Fill it up in layers over a few days to get a nice hard, smooth surface.  A strong foundation is important.

Ready to create your own ice rink? We have the materials and expertise to help get your rink up and running.

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