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Top 3 Innovations in Cannabis Growing

With a growth rate of 21% annually, the global cannabis industry is booming. Influenced in part by a shift in societal views, many countries have legalized cannabis in an attempt to help strengthen their economies and decrease sales of cannabis on the black market. Innovations in cannabis growing are fueling the industry’s rise.

LED Fixtures

As a large percentage of cannabis production is done in covered greenhouses, lighting plays a huge factor in the crop’s success. These crops do not ever see the sun, so having a light source that can mimic the sun is crucial. Luckily, modern technology mixed with trial and error has produced LED lighting that can do just that! This advanced lighting can effectively replicate sunrise, sunset, and even midday lighting. It’s also used in sync with fans that provide indoor atmospheric conditions that are  remarkably similar to those found outside. This combination of lighting and air circulation makes for healthy and bountiful crops. 

With cannabis needing such specific growing requirements, many cultivators have had to find ways to provide the elements of the outdoors indoors. Light deprivation is also a vital part of raising cannabis and something that previously forced growers to turn to unconventional methods to provide. Thanks to industry leaders such as Americover, this process has become a breeze. Products like the BOLD Black Out Light Deprivation Tarp and the BOLD EZarm Tarp Puller allow the grower to provide state of the art light deprivation and to cover and uncover their greenhouse with one easy motion! 

Carbon Dioxide Enrichment

Carbon dioxide enrichment is the process of incorporating CO2 into the air of the greenhouse. This is a method used for cannabis crops and many other plants as well. Adding CO2 to the air allows for the crops to reach their full potential during photosynthesis and as a result, produces more robust and fruitful crops. 

Input-Based Controls

With the cannabis being grown inside a greenhouse and solely relying on the resources provided, ensuring the crops are receiving everything they need for healthy growth can be a challenge. This is where input-based control comes in. By implementing these controls, the grower does not have to worry about the crops being deprived of certain elements and decreases the chance of a complete failure of the grow. Input-based controls are data-driven and are able to make all necessary adjustments solely through their programming. This saves time, provides the grower with data as to what the crops need, and lets the grower know how to properly adjust the environment to properly support the plants. 

A Growing Community

There’s no telling where the cannabis growing technology will go from here. With more and more states legalizing cannabis for medical and recreational use, the industry has and will continue to prosper. With this crop needing such support, we want to remind you to choose Americover for all of your growing needs.

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