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Pallet Wrap

Temporary Floor Protection for Install & Dismantle

Most if not all exhibit venues have rules regarding temporary floor protection before set-up.  Many contracts state, “Contractors must maintain no damage to the floors, carpets, venues’ walls and ceilings, and must cover the floors using plastic sheeting and/or carpet to protect these assets before entering any equipment or decoration to the venues.”  The last thing you want is an exit ticket with a fine for damaged property so below are the top 4 temporary protection products recommended to the exhibition industry.

Visqueen is the more familiar name for polyethylene sheeting or plastic sheeting used to protect the exhibit carpets and floors during set up. Polyethylene sheeting is light-weight and flexible, as well as waterproof.  When you need heavy duty protection,  scrim reinforced poly sheeting provides added durability and enhanced tear resistance. Americover’s heavy duty reinforced plastic sheeting can be used to protect flooring or it can be hung as a curtain, wall or backdrop.  This product is also available in fire retardant with certification that it meets and exceeds NFPA 701 standards.

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Americover Carpet Cover

Carpet Cover provides temporary carpet protection for up to 30 days.  It is self-adhesive and reverse wound for easy installation. This works great in preventing high traffic stains and it removes quickly without adhesive transfer.  Carpet Cover can be applied to all types of carpet for an economic solution to protecting exhibit carpets.  Carpet Cover is also available in a fire retardant version that meets the NFPA 701 standards, because most public events require fire retardant textiles and films.

Americover Heat Shrink Wrap

Heat Shrink Wrap is a great solution to holding everything in place on your pallet.  Heat Shrink Wrap will conform to the shape of your contents, keeping it snug in place until it reaches its destination.

Americover Black Fire Retardant

Black Fire Retardant Plastic sheeting is an option if you don’t want potential thieves eyeing your pallet for something worth taking.   This flame retardant poly sheeting meets and exceeds NFPA 701 standards, has been approved by the California State Fire Marshal and is easy to tape in place.  Black Fire Retardant Plastic is available in 4 or 8 mils.

If you are looking for a temporary protection solution that isn’t mentioned above, please don’t hesitate to contact a representative today at 833-261-6501, we are happy to help you!  We are experts in plastic sheeting protection so let us recommend the right product for your application.  Do you need to arrange for shipping to be at the location of the venue?  Not a problem, we can ship your product wherever you need it.

This time lapse video is an example of how you would cover an exhibit floor before setting up for a car show.  Do you have any videos or techniques to share?  Email us at!