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Plastic Sheeting for Lights Under Louisville

Underground Holiday Lights at Louisville Mega Cavern

Plastic sheeting plays an important role to many different industries, and across a wide range of applications. Unfortunately many of the roles are relatively unknown and hidden, which makes it quite difficult to be excited about plastic sheeting. But, at Americover, we are lucky enough to have great customers that use our materials for a variety of different applications, and every once in a while, we run into an exceptionally interesting and different application.

Enter Tom Tyler of the Louisville Mega Cavern. Tom, part owner of the cavern, contacted Americover to help solve his problem with the current plastic sheeting he was using. Tom had black plastic sheeting hung throughout the cavern, but it wasn’t fire retardant. Tom’s local fire marshal now requires his plastic sheeting to be fire retardant, passing the NFPA-701 standards. Black fire retardant polyethylene is a difficult product to make correctly, but here at Americover we have been supplying the product to our customers for years. Our black fire retardant polyethylene sheeting was a product initially created for the aviation industry, but has since been used in many different industries – and now, underground theme parks.

By using our black FR (fire retardant) sheeting in specific locations around the cavern, Tom and his crew at Louisville mega cavern are able to manipulate air flow and let the right amount of oxygen and carbon dioxide to enter and leave the cavern. This is quite a feat for any underground area, but especially for one that is approximately 100 acres. This work done behind the scenes is easily forgotten when you see what the Louisville Mega Cavern has to offer:

One of the top Christmas light shows in the United States, "Lights Under Louisville."
The only fully underground zip line tour in the world.
Historical tram tour and guide through the cavern.

After just seeing what they have to offer, you can understand why over 350,000 people visit the caverns every year. Go take a look and say hi to Tom if you see him.If you have an interesting application or want to talk through a problem you are having with your plastic, call in and talk to one of the experts at Americover.