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Buying Made in America

What Does Buying “Made In America” Mean?

Supply chain delays have caused builders and growers to consider using materials that are manufactured in America”, in order to eliminate lost time on shipping and delivery. Industries across the board have struggled with delays from overseas orders, and American-made materials can be the solution to reducing supply chain challenges. The next time you order materials for your construction or agriculture project, you should be searching for the “Made in America” label – but what does that phrase actually mean? 

The label “Made in America”

Suppliers cannot simply say they are Made in America unless they follow FTC guidelines.  This is to ensure buyers that they are getting what they expect.  The guidelines can vary, but the core is that “all significant parts and processing…must be of US origin”.  So, when you see the Made in America label, you can know that it is truly an American-made product.

But what does that mean for the buyer?  Here are a few reasons why Made in America is often a better choice.


Americans take pride in making quality products.  Manufacturers of American companies often set up shop overseas to create products at lower cost, often at the expense of quality. Despite being able to create more for less money, there is a significant difference in American-made materials compared to their overseas counterparts. Products that are “Made in America” are deemed more durable because they are usually created with higher-quality materials made to last. This difference in quality is a determining factor for many business owners. These individuals rely heavily on the longevity and durability of these products, especially when it comes to building materials and agriculture products. 

Availability of Materials

American-made products are already here.  Buying American-made materials also means you won’t face the same risks you would when ordering products from out of the country. Availability gives clients peace of mind, since their items won’t be stuck at a foreign port or delayed due to overseas logistics issues. We are proud to provide our customers with great service and access to the materials they need because we operate on the same turf as our manufacturers.

Keeping Jobs in America

American-made products are made by your friends and neighbors.  Items that are manufactured in the United States are created and handled by American workers. Purchasing “Made in America” products means you are contributing to the American economy and reducing the number of outsourced jobs. Companies that keep jobs in the United States support the use of American labor and materials for their products. Americover is proud to be an American company supplying American-made plastic sheeting solutions for customers nationwide.

Trusted by Growers, Builders, and Distributors

Americover is the smart source for plastic and polyethylene sheeting. Trusted by contractors and distributors across the construction and agriculture industries, our American-made products combine reliability with quality and innovation.

As an Americover client, you will receive the personalized support of a dedicated account manager to simplify the ordering process and ensure the best solution for each of your construction projects. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions and fulfill orders Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. If you would like to speak with a representative, call us at 760-388-6294 or contact us at sales@americover.com.