Fire Retardant Anti-Static Plastic Sheeting

What is Fire Retardant Anti-Static Plastic Sheeting?

Anti-static plastic sheeting is an important element in minimizing static electricity and damage caused by electrostatic discharges (ESD). Because materials like fire retardant plastic sheeting do not generate static electricity, many professionals rely on anti-static plastic sheeting to store electronic parts and components in areas at risk of ESDs and electrical fires. In this article, we discuss what type of anti-static fire retardant plastic sheeting professionals choose for their projects and why the right sheeting is so important.

Importance of Anti-Static Plastic Sheeting

Electrical fires can cause big problems for both projects and the environment–and of course, they can put lives in danger. This is why industry professionals rely on durable anti-static plastic sheeting. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), anti-static material is “capable of dissipating a static electric charge at an acceptable rate.” This plastic sheeting protects electrostatic-sensitive devices by providing adequate electrical conduction so that static electricity does not build up and risk causing a fire.

Additionally, most industries have specific requirements for anti-static coverage, whether from the NFPA or the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). 

Not only does anti-static sheeting protect equipment from damage and fires, but it also ensures workers and all property are also better protected.

Failing to meet NFPA and/or OSHA regulations involving the use of anti-static material can lead to compliance issues and pose a real-world hazard for your entire worksite.

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Types of Anti-Static Plastic Sheeting

Anti-static plastic sheeting comes in various sizes and thicknesses. At Americover, we have the ideal materials to fit the needs of your construction project and job site. Our plastic sheeting products are both waterproof and fire retardant. The anti-static poly used in our products is also designed to meet industry safety regulations. Here are two of our top products:

Americover’s Antistatic Fire Retardant Plastic Sheeting

Our Antistatic Fire Retardant Plastic Sheeting is a 6 mil polyethylene film specially engineered to prevent the buildup of static electricity and repel dust.

Dura Skrim® Fire Retardant Reinforced Plastic Sheeting

The Dura Skrim® Fire Retardant Reinforced Plastic Sheeting is a highly puncture-resistant construction film reinforced with a layer of polyester scrim.

We also have the custom fabrication capabilities to create custom sizes for your projects.

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Common Uses

Anti-static plastic sheeting is commonly used in projects with a risk of electrical fires or explosions. This sheeting is used in places such as data centers, telecommunication centers, hospitals and healthcare facilities, and schools for the following applications: 

  • Equipment in electrical rooms
  • Storage covers
  • Construction site coverings
  • Floor covers
  • Partitions
  • Temporary walls
  • Building enclosures
  • Scaffold wrapping
  • Industrial packaging
  • Equipment shipping

Keeping Your Worksite Safe

The right fire retardant anti-static plastic sheeting will help keep your entire job site safe. In addition to using the right materials for your projects, you can also prevent hazards by following these fire safety tips:

  • Minimize combustible materials
  • Use flame-retardant materials and sheeting
  • Exercise extreme caution when the risk of ignition is present
  • Install heaters in properly ventilated areas at a safe distance from flammable materials
  • Promptly replace any faulty wiring
  • Designate a smoking area outside and away from flammable materials
  • Dispose of oily rags in a metal container with a self-closing lid
  • Train all staff members to access and use a fire extinguisher

Trusted by Growers, Builders, and Distributors

Americover is the smart source for plastic and polyethylene sheeting. Trusted by contractors and distributors across the construction and agriculture industries, our American-made products combine reliability with quality and innovation.

As an Americover client, you will receive the personalized support of a dedicated account manager to simplify the ordering process and ensure the best solution for each of your construction projects. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff is here to answer your questions and fulfill orders Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Pacific Standard Time. If you would like to speak with a representative, call us at 760-388-6294 or contact us at

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