What Type of Plastic Sheeting Should I Use for My Event

For decades, Americover has supported and participated in all sorts of fun and wacky events which rely on plastic sheeting to properly set up. We’re sure you have heard of many of these events, but you may not have realized how important plastic sheeting was in putting these events on.  Here are some examples of events that use plastic sheeting and what they use it for.  

Haunted Houses

Nothing makes spooky season extra eventful like a haunted house or corn maze. These events typically use plastic sheeting for blackout curtains, wall covers, or props.

The plastic sheeting used in these Fall events include:


Tough Mudder, Savage Race, & Wipe Out Run 

These wild obstacle courses are great fun and wouldn’t be what they are without plastic sheeting products. Obstacle races and fun runs use all sorts of plastic sheeting to create huge mud pits, slip n slides, and cover the ground to retain water.

The plastic sheeting used for these events includes:


Outdoor Ice Rink at Fenway Park and Yankee Stadium

Outdoor ice rinks need to be lined with plastic sheeting in order to be created. This includes major rinks like the one used by the NHL for the Winter Classic at Fenway Park in Massachusetts, “The Big House” at the University of Michigan, and the Yankee Stadium. 

The reinforced plastic sheeting and heat shrink wrap include:


Christmas Light Shows

Christmas light shows give people the opportunity to get into the holiday spirit with a spectacle of lights. Plastic sheeting is used in a similar fashion as haunted houses, for blackout curtains, wall covering, and dividers.

The plastic sheeting used in these events include:


Pond Skimming Events

Pond skimming events are held annually at major ski resorts around the world. With Americover sending liners as far away as Australia.  Plastic sheeting is needed for water retention to make these events possible. 

The plastic sheeting for pond skimming include:


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