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winterize your boat

Tips to Winterize your Boat

How to Winterize your Boat

Boating season is coming to an end and it’s time to winterize your boat, especially if you are storing it outside.  Since the cold winter weather can cause quite a bit of damage to your investment, here are some helpful tips on how to winterize your boat.

  • Vinyl cleaners and protectants for your vinyl interiors will help keep it from cracking and drying out from the winter air.
  • Mildew sprays and chemical dehumidifiers can help prevent moisture buildup along with venting the boat cover to keep a good air flow.
  • Remove any electronics that you can, and spray electronics that you can’t move with a moisture-displacing lubricant.  Also coat the spark plugs.
  • Drain sinks and showers and pump with antifreeze.
  • Use a center support under the cover to keep snow and rain from building up on top.
  • Touch up paint nicks to prevent corrosion, and change damaged parts and repairs before covering.
  • Change the water separator, fuel filter, oil and filter of the engine, and replace hoses that show cracks or feel squishy.
  • Idle the engine while flushing with fresh water, but don’t let it overheat.  Make sure all the water drains out, otherwise it could freeze and cause cracks.
  • Bleed Engine block and manifolds completely then fill the engine block with antifreeze containing propylene glycol.
  • Change the engine’s gear oil to prevent water damage.
  • Fill your boat’s fuel tank leaving just enough room for it to expand.  Also add gasoline stabilizer to prevent the fuel from degrading.
  • Close all fuel valves to prevent interior condensation.
  • Remove the battery and store it in a dry place
  • Whether you are storing in a garage or another storage facility, and especially if outside, cover the boat.

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