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Comparing 4 Types of Light Deprivation Greenhouse Covers

What should you consider when buying a light deprivation tarp or cover for your greenhouse, and what are your available options? There are four main types of blackout light deprivation covers currently on the market for manual and automatic greenhouses: Panda, Woven, Breathable, and BOLD PANDA WOVEN BREATHABLE BOLD PROS: •Lightweight •Typically inexpensive •Flexible and […]

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Weatherizing to Ensure Longevity

The main purpose of weatherizing is to keep moisture out. Moisture can cause damage such as mold and mildew, and even worse – can freeze over winter and crystallize, causing the affected material to develop tiny and deadly cracks when those crystals melt in the spring. Many people choose to weatherize certain parts of their […]

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Buying From Americover vs Buying From a Retailer

Plastic sheeting is a common necessity used in more applications than people may think. From basic packaging, all the way up to high-rise building covers, plastic sheeting is an integral component of any construction, refit, or renovation project. Now, the type of plastics one considers when working on a project may be as crucial as […]

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