Made in the U.S.A

Made in the U.S.A


Happy Labor Day!

Yesterday was our national holiday to celebrate American labor.

An article titled “Putting America Back to Work: 5 Ways ‘Made in the USA’ Is Staging a Comeback” by Joe Kita states that at some point in the new year, Apple will be introducing a new desktop Mac that was assembled in Texas, with components from Illinois and Florida, using equipment produced in Kentucky and Michigan. Besides being “Designed in California,” the computers will be “Made in America.”

It’s great to see a company such as Apple, whose products have all been made overseas, decide that having the product made in the U.S.A. means something to the American people.

Mr. Kita also goes on to say, “In a recent Harris poll of more than 2,000 U.S. consumers, 75 percent said they’d be willing to pay more for American-made products.

And according to Joel Joseph, chairman of the Made in the USA Foundation, which funded the survey, the most supportive age group was 18-34-year-olds. This is the demographic that lost the most jobs during the recession and they have realized, as with many Americans, that buying foreign made products results in less jobs here at home.

In order to get our economy going, we must strive to buy products made in America by American workers. Americover has always believed in this concept and that is why all our film products are American made. We have come up against stiff competition from films made in China and perhaps lost some customers due to China’s less expensive pricing. But we will always carry American made because we also believe American-made means a better quality product.

To all of you American workers- Americover salutes you!