biodigester cover

Product in Action – 80mil HDPE Biodigester Cover

What is a Biodigester?

Biodigesters have been used in industries such as agricultural, wastewater treatment, and food waste management, but is growing in popularity as an alternative energy source called biogas generation.

A biodigester also referred to as a digester is an airtight chamber with an EPDM or HDPE cover that expands when the contents produce gas.  A gas line is installed so the biogas can be used for things such as gas cookers, heaters, water heaters, baking ovens, and on a large scale can be used for heating and power generation on site for sugar refineries, distilleries, dairy and paper mills and more. Read more. 

Biodigester Cover in Action

We want to send a huge thank you to the customer who sent in this photo of their finished Biodigester Cover.  Our 80 mil HDPE looks great in this application!



There are many different environmental covers and liners applications for HDPE, and it is available in many different mil thicknesses.  This biodigester cover used an 80 mil thick product, but we also carry 20, 30, 40, 60, 80, and 100 mil thick liners.  We offer something for every budget and our staff has a vast knowledge of the applications our products cater to.  Give us a call at 833-261-6501 for more information on the products we offer for environmental projects.

Are you interested in building your own biodigester?  HomePower has instructions on how to do it yourself.