Silver Mylar vs White Plastic for grow room reflective sheeting

Silver Mylar vs White Plastic for Grow Rooms

Proper lighting is essential to a bigger, better yield. Reflective surfaces diffuse light, spreading it to more parts of the plants including lower sections and foliage. Artificial light doesn’t emit as much energy as the sunlight does, and diminishes with distance so the use of a reflector will bounce the light back to the plants. Reflecting the light not only provides even distribution, but it also helps contain heat.

There are many options for creating reflective walls and ceilings for your grow room, but which color surface is going to benefit your plants the most?

For a long time it was thought that a shiny silver or Mylar material would reflect better because the plastic sheeting that was previously used in the industry was cheap poly or PVC that off gassed chemicals into the plants and it just so happened to be white plastic sheeting. So overall, plastic sheeting was given a bad reputation early on. However over the years polyethylene sheeting has grown in popularity because it’s typically manufactured with virgin resins, so there’s no off-gassing and it has additives to extend its life and durability. Grow room plastic sheeting made of polyethylene is less expensive, easy to install, easy to clean, and insulates heat. Mylar and other shiny materials are still good reflective sheeting, but if you want the best light reflection white is the preferred and most recommended.

At Americover, we specialize in plastic sheeting and can provide you with polyethylene sheeting for your grow rooms or greenhouse.
Below is a video that gives a great explanation of why white is more reflective than silver in a grow room application. We don’t carry the tents from this video, but we do have white/black and white/white reflective plastic sheeting. If you have any questions or would like to know more about what we supply, please contact us at 833-261-6501.