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BOLD Appears at the 2016 SoCalCC Expo

BOLD Makes Another Star Appearance!   Americover was a proud participant at this year’s SoCalCC Expo (Southern California Cannabis Convention) held at the San Diego Convention Center! At the event, industry professionals from all over the country were displaying the latest in the cannabis industry. At the event, we were given a unique opportunity to exhibit […]

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Proper Ventilation for a Light-Deprivation Greenhouse

The key to any successful greenhouse is a proper ventilation system.  Ventilation systems in greenhouses serve four key functions: air circulation, CO2/Oxygen replacement, humidity control, and temperature control. The main function of ventilating a greenhouse is to remove warm, moist air, and replace it with drier air. Because high humidity causes unwanted condensation and increases […]

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Comparing 4 Types of Light Deprivation Greenhouse Covers

What should you consider when buying a light deprivation tarp or cover for your greenhouse, and what are your available options? There are four main types of blackout light deprivation covers currently on the market for manual and automatic greenhouses: Panda, Woven, Breathable, and BOLD PANDA WOVEN BREATHABLE BOLD PROS: •Lightweight •Typically inexpensive •Flexible and […]

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