BOLD Light Deprivation Tarp

Why BOLD is #1 Light Deprivation Tarp for Greenhouses

Light deprivation tarps that fail or don’t completely block light is not a problem you will have with BOLD black out light deprivation tarps. This product is rising in popularity with a certain booming industry, and it’s easy to see why. More Harvests and Better Yields!

1. What is the difference between BOLD and other light deprivation tarps like Panda?

BOLD is scrim reinforced and 8 mils thick. It is a heavy duty, but light-weight material that will last much longer than other light deprivation tarps on the market because of the scrim. Polyester fibers are sandwiched between the black and white layers to add tear resistance.

2. Does it really block light completely?

YES! The carbon black side completely blocks light, while the white side will reflect it. So install your tarp white side up to reflect the sun. Not all plastic sheeting is created equal. Some may not be manufactured with enough black resin to block light efficiently, while others may have pinholes or perforation which will allow light to seep through.

3. How long does it last?

BOLD black out light deprivation tarps contain UV inhibitors that extend it’s lifespan. You can expect 12 to 24 months in exposed conditions. With care people have seen 3 and 4 years use.

4. What sizes are available?

Stock sizes: 20’ x 100’, 26.5’ x 100’. 33’ x 100’, 33’ x 50’, 40’ x 100’, 40’ x 50’

Custom sizes also available up to 330’ wide.

5. Will BOLD black out light deprivation tarp stop condensation?

No, but BOLD will reduce condensation and heat build-up. It is important to have a good ventilation system for your greenhouse with BOLD and even with breathable covers to keep mold from growing and to help regulate temperatures.

6. What is the temperature range for BOLD black out light deprivation tarps?

-70°F to 150°F

If you have questions about BOLD black out light deprivation tarps for greenhouses or any of our other Aquaponics/Hydroponics/Greenhouse covers and liners please give us a call at 833-261-6501. Our staff will provide you with everything you need to choose the liner or cover that’s best for your application.