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Logo Scrim Reinforced Poly by Americover®

Americover’s Logo Scrim Reinforced Poly is an extrusion laminated reinforced film made of two layers of linear low density polyethylene (LLDPE) and one layer of polyester string reinforcement scrim. Logo Scrim Reinforced Poly is significantly stronger and more tear resistant than standard poly films. The extrusion lamination process and high strength reinforcement scrim make this film exceptionally strong. There are many different applications for Logo Scrim Reinforced Poly, and no matter the application, your Custom Logo can be printed on it to identify your company to the public.

Product Highlights:

• Very stable in a wide range of environments across a broad temperature range

• Meets or exceeds ASTM E1745 Class C Standard.

• Added UV inhibitors give an expected longevity in fully exposed conditions at least 12 months.

• Significatnly strong and tear resistant

Common Applications:

• Architectural vapor retarder in walls, ceilings and in roofing systems

• Temporary Enclosures

• Storage Covers

• Construction Site Coverings

• Bags and Tubing (printing available)

• Dust Partitions

• Temporary Walls

• Building Enclosures

• Asbestos, Lead, or Mold Abatement Applications

• Scaffold Wrapping

Additional Information:

• Logo must be in Vector/.EPS format

• Logo can be up to 4 colors, but additional fees apply to custom blended colors

• Size of logo up to 3ft x 6ft, but average size Is 18” x 32”

• OTO Plate Charge

• Service Charge added to Refill Orders for clean-up and set-up

• Logo is printed in the middle of 4ft wide panels. Each panel is 50 inches, and fused together with an overlap of 2 inches.

• Custom Logo can be printed on any mil thickness from 6 mil to 20 mil.

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