2-Sided Clear Tape


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2-sided clear tape is a transparent tape has a release liner to make overlapping panels of poly sheeting quick and easy. It is sold in individual rolls of 1.5″ x 300′.

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Starting at lowest listed price


Double sided clear tape consists of a solid low stretch core film coated on both sides with a clear synthetic rubber adhesive. A release liner is on one side of the tape to make installation quick and easy. The surface to be taped should be clean and dry. The tape will not adhere if the surfaces are not properly prepared. Dirty or wet surfaces should be completely cleaned with water, paper towels, dry rags or other materials which will prepare the
surface for the tape. Accumulations of dust should also be removed to insure a secure seam. The product obtains optimum adhesion when the surfaces to be bonded are warm. The surfaces should be above 45°F
to insure an acceptable bond.

Product Applications Include:

Liner Repair, Plastic Sheeting Repair, Seaming Plastic Sheeting Panels

Weight 3 lbs