Clear Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting

Clear Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting

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All of Americover’s Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting contains UV Block for long-term outdoor use.  Greenhouse covers are available with features such as anti-drip, infrared, and bee compatibility.  Mil thicknesses range from 3 mil to 6 mil.  As a source for greenhouse plastic sheeting, we have a solution for you.  Contact a representative for more pricing and sizing.

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Americover’s Greenhouse Plastic Sheeting is clear to let the maximum sunlight in to support your plant’s growth cycle.  Ultraviolet inhibitors extend the life of our greenhouse film for up to 4 years despite the frequent changes in outdoor weather elements.  We offer gauges ranging from 3 mil to 6 mil that fit your budget and greenhouse needs.

We are your source for a variety of greenhouse plastic sheeting solutions with features such as:

  • Anti Condensate
  • Infrared
  • Diffused
  • Thermal
  • Bee Compatibility
  • White Opacity

Whether you are looking for a greenhouse cover that has an anti-drip additive to reduce condensation buildup or a greenhouse cover that disperses light to help delay the loss of heat from the greenhouse, we have a greenhouse plastic sheeting solution for you.

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