Delta®-Drain Drainboard

Delta®-Drain Drainboard

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Delta®-Drain is a drainage board used in waterproofing applications to allow water to flow away from the building foundation.  It prevents hydrostatic pressure build-up by controlling the flow of below-grade water, and it can also be used as a drainage matting underneath the floor vapor barrier in a crawl space.

Delta®-Drain has a polypropylene drainage core securely bonded to dimple crowns to provide impact resistance, chemical and environmental stress crack resistance, high compressive strength, and drainage capacity to ensure effective drainage in residential and light commercial construction.

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Delta®-Drain is comprised of a 2-layer geocomposite. The first layer is the high-density polyethylene drainage core that drains incoming water freely to the footing perimeter drain, thus preventing the build-up of hydrostatic pressure against the waterproofing layer. It also acts as a highly effective protective layer for the waterproofing material during backfill operations. The second layer is a heat-bonded PP geotextile. The rot-proof geotextile is highly water permeable and prevents clogging of the flow passages in the drainage core.

Delta®-Drain is unrolled against the foundation wall. It is typically used in conjunction with liquid or sheet-applied waterproofing. Install the top edge of the drainboard at grade level. Place the bottom edge close to the perimeter footing drain. DELTA® Accessories are available for easy fastening and termination details.