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Americover offers a variety of new generation Enka® high-performance and environmentally conscious geosynthetic drainage products. Backed by extensive testing and certifications, Enka® products provide civil engineers, builders, and manufacturers easy-to-install solutions for erosion control, drainage and moisture control, soil reinforcement, noise reduction, radon mitigation, and more.

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Americover is your source for Enka® Products such as Enkadrain®, Enkamat®, Enkaturf® and Enkavent®.

Enkadrain® Products are lightweight, flexible, non-brittle drainage composites. Comprised of a polymer drainage core attached to protective and filtering layer(s), even under high pressure, the Enkadrain® design allows for drainage flow in all directions. Appropriate for numerous horizontal and vertical applications, Enkadrain® combines drainage, protection, and filtration in one product. And because Enkadrain® products are composed of 40% post-industrial recycled content, they can contribute to 2 LEED points on a project.

Enkamat® is a three-dimensional multi-use mat made of continuous nylon filaments fused at intersections. Designed for erosion control on embankments, slopes, riverbanks, canals and reservoirs, Enkamat® is also suitable as a moisture mitigation, noise-reduction roofing underlayment in metal roof applications. The three-dimensional design creates better airflow and drainage allowing for a longer service life of a metal roof.

Enkaturf® Drain products are primarily used under synthetic turfs. These products have wide strips with an open core to allow water to drain the entire surface. Nylon filaments are encased in a nonwoven heat-bonded geotextile fabric, which allows the core to remain unobstructed. Enkaturf® Drain strips eliminate the need for perforated drainage pipe, saving you the trouble and expense of installing a larger diameter drain.

Enkavent® is a radon vent product made with a core of fused, interconnected nylon filaments that are heat bonded to a geosynthetic textile. Light and easy to install, Enkavent® provides hydrostatic pressure relief and reduces radon gas by 97% when used in under-slab applications.

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