Fire Retardant Carpet Cover


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Fire Retardant Carpet Cover Self Adhesive Carpet Protection also referred to as carpet masking provides outstanding protection for any carpeted surface during construction, remodeling, or any event with high traffic.

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Starting at lowest listed price


Fire Retardant Carpet Cover also referred to as carpet mask is a high quality 3 mil clear specialty film that provides reliable protection for any carpeted surface any time you need it especially during construction and remodeling. This carpet protection film is amazingly strong, durable, puncture and tear resistant. High tech, water-based adhesive system has major benefits over solvent-based systems in that it won’t discolor or dye the carpets, and it has a clean release for easy removal without adhesive transfer. Contractors prefer Americover’s Fire Retardant Carpet Cover because of its high strength quality and outstanding performance on the job.

We recommend you do not apply to wet carpets. Fire Retardant Carpet Cover can be applied for up to 45 days at a time.

Product Applications Include:

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  • 36 in. x 500'
  • 48 in. x 500'