Hydraflex™ H-Series

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Hydraflex™ H-Series product lines is a geomembrane coextruded from virgin resins for the outer core and select reprocessed resins for the inner core. The H-Series product lines have excellent durability and flexiblity with a high impact strength and tear resistance.

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SKU: Custom Category: Heavy Duty Liner Tags: Applications
  • Cargo Cover
  • Oil Field Pit Liner
  • Outdoor Covering
  • Pond/Canal Lining
  • Remediation Liner
  • Silage Cover

Hydraflex™ H-Series product line is a coextruded geomembrance with the outer layers a liner-low density polyethylene and the inner core of virgin and select reprocessed resins. The LLDPE contained in the H Series products offers exceptional value with a high impact and tear resistance. Hydraflex™ H-Series have excellent flexibility and will adapt to a variety of irregular surfaces. The H-Series products are commonly used in remediation and lining applications where high performance is required.

Hydraflex™ H-Series products are available in various increments up to 75,000 square foot panels. All panels are accordion folded and tightly rolled on a heavy-duty core for ease of handling and time-saving installation. Mil thickness available are in 20, 30 and 40.