Rapid Wall Cover Pre-Taped Poly


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Rapid Wall Cover is made with a lightweight poly film pre-attached to a 2″ strip of painter’s tape. Quickly cover any surface to prevent damage from paint, dust, debris, smoke, and more.  This roll of Rapid Wall Cover is 10′ x 100′.

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Starting at lowest listed price

SKU: RWC Category: Dust Containment Products, Self Adhesive Surface Protection Tags: Applications
  • Cabinet Protection
  • Containment
  • Dust Barrier
  • Dust Containment
  • Furniture Cover
  • Overspray Protection
  • Paint Booth Liner
  • Plastic Drop Cloth
  • Smoke Barrier
  • Surface Protection
  • Temporary Curtain
  • Window Masking
  • Woodwork Masking

Rapid Wall Cover is a quick, inexpensive protective covering. This specially engineered poly sheeting is pre-attached to a strip of 2″ blue painter’s tape. The polyethylene film is treated to “cling” to any surface while anchoring to paint overspray. It’s easy to install, simply tape in place and drape over the surface you want to cover. Rapid Wall Cover can prevent damage from paint, dust, debris, smoke, and more.

Rapid Wall Cover is available in one convenient size of 10′ x 100′ so you can quickly cover walls and other surfaces.

  • White
  • 2' x 100'
  • 10' x 100'