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Architects and designers will sometimes specify which products a contractor should use in a construction project. Americover offers many different brands, so if you have a liner "spec'd" in or have several different product specification requirements, we can help you find what you are looking for.

Absolute Barrier®

E Series, X Series, Y Series Multi-Layer EVOH Barrier Geomembranes


, Armorlon®'s line of products meets the challenges of the most diverse and demanding applications.


Griffolyn®'s patented, high-strength reinforcement materials provide superior puncture, tear and abrasion resistance. From outstanding weathering characteristics to custom features, such as fire retardancy, anti-static properties, corrosion inhibition or heat shrinkability, Griffolyn® products offer the performance you need.


Permalon® products are lightweight, highly flexible and easy to handle, yet offer unmatched tear and puncture resistance in the most demanding applications.


High-Density Cross-Laminated | Multi-Layer Polyethylene


High quality nonwoven and woven geotextiles and geosynthetics for civil and environmental applications.


High Performance Underslab Vapor Barrier