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Protective Duct Cover bag by DuctCap

Ductcap is a patented (US 6,874,541 B2) duct cover made of virgin polyethylene plastic, that is both airborne particle resistant and water resistant. Ductcap uses elastic at the opening so that the duct cover conforms to the shape of the duct. This patented design is different than any other adhesive plastic duct protection or any other type of duct protection cover .
The plastic Duct cap duct bag is placed on the duct, over the round branch or any other open end, with an elastic band at the opening of the encapsulation bag. No tape, screws or nylon ties are needed to secure the Ductcap cover to the duct.. It is designed to help prevent duct contamination within the HVAC ductwork prior to start-up of the HVAC system. Ductcap will protect the air handling system during shipping, staging and construction. Using a Ductcap to cover all unfinished duct ends, helps prevent moisture, dirt particles, dust and debris from entering the air handling system.

  • Protects air handling units and controls for heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) which are expensive and sensitive to outside contaminants
  • The duct cover may be reusable, and can qualify you for LEED points
  • If outside contaminants are allowed into HVAC ductwork it can often erode or void your warranty; Ductcap reduces that expensive risk
  • Duct Cap minimizes risk of comprising a seal while handling and lifting duct work
  • Ductcap drastically reduces labor time associated with duct taping inferior plastics and plastic bags around duct openings
  • Ductcap cover takes only seconds to apply
  • Protect your duct so you can have a clean surface on your next or final connection
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Duct Cap Size Chart
Style #
Bag Size
Bag Thickness
Round Pipe Fit
Linear Pipe Fit
Units per Box
16'' x 14''
2.0 mil
6'' through 9''
16'' through 31''
24'' x 14''
2.0 mil
10'' through 14''
32'' through 47''
30'' x 18''
2.5 mil
14'' through 18''
48'' through 59''
40'' x 18''
2.5 mil
18'' through 24''
60'' through 79''
50'' x 18''
2.5 mil
24'' through 30''
80'' through 99''
60'' x 24''
2.5 mil
30'' through 38''
100'' through 119''

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