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Reinforced Polyethylene Geomembrane by USA Manufacturer

  • • RPE's are economical lining materials for seepage control, soil remediation, and interim landfill cap applications.
  • • Reinforced Polyethylene (RPE) has been used as a geomembrane material for over 20 years.
  • • Common uses of RPE's are canal liners, drilling sump liners, soil remediation liners, tailings dam liners, and interim landfill caps.
  • • RPE's have UV resistance for short term exposed use, are flexible in extremely low temperatures, and have very good chemical resistance.
  • • RPE’s are most commonly used for seepage control in non-hazardous applications.
  • • In canal liners and water reservoirs a backfilled RPE liner provides permanent seepage control.
  • • In a carefully prepared site on sandy soils RPE can provide geomembrane level containment, however placement and backfilling of the material needs to be done carefully.
  • • Oil Resistant RPE (OR RPE) is one of the most common materials sold for soil remediation.
  • • RPE makes an excellent interim cover material for covering landfill cells or soil remediation stockpiles.
  • • As a cover RPE prevents the infiltration of precipitation for 3 to 5 years (dependant on site conditions).
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