Fire Retardant Plastic Sheeting and Tapes

Certified Fire Retardant Plastic Sheeting

The National Fire Protection Association sets the standards for fire, electrical and building safety.

NFPA 701 “establishes test methods to assess the propagation of flame of various textiles and films under specified fire test conditions.”

NFPA addresses “two distinct test methods differentiate fabrics of different densities. The test methods apply to textile materials used in interior furnishing for public occupancy buildings including curtains, window shades, draperies, table linens, textile wall hangings, as well as to fabrics used in the assembly of awnings, tents, tarps and other similar architectural fabric structures and banners.” Read more about NFPA 701

What is Fire Retardant?

Wikipedia describes fire retardant as a “substance that reduces flammability of fuels or delays their combustion. This includes chemical agents, but may also include substances that work by physical action, such as cooling the fuels, such as fire-fighting foams and fire-retardant gels.”

What is Fire Retardant Plastic Sheeting?

This specialty plastic sheeting is referred to by many different names such as fire retardant plastic sheeting, flame retardant poly, fire proof or fire rated, and flame resistant. It’s easy to confuse the terms fire proof or flame resistant with fire rated and fire retardant. However these terms do not mean the same thing, the difference is how the material melts when exposed to fire and at what point does it self-extinguish.

Fire Resistance is built into the chemical structure of a material to resist catching fire. When exposed to direct heat it will not melt or drip.

Fire Retardant is chemically treated to self-extinguish, slowing how fast a material melts and drips when exposed to direct heat and eventually self-extinguishing.

Plastic Sheeting that is non-fire retardant and non-fire resistant will burn, melt and drip causing the fire to spread quickly.

All of Americover’s Fire Retardant Plastic Sheeting passes NFPA 701

  • Conforms to regulations dated October 1, 2001, Section B, TP 76300MP 1.2.7: “All combustible materials stored overnight in the equipment area shall be completely covered with a fire retardant tarp that meets the NFPA 701 or U L214 and is clearly marked as such”.
  • Printed in red text with “Anti-Stat/Fire Retardant, Passes NFPA 701-04 Test 1” on the plastic sheeting
  • Off-White Color
  • Passes ASTM E-84 Class A, Flame Spread 15, Smoke Developed Value 0
  • Passes Surface Resistivity, ANSI/EDS/ESD-S11.11, 1012 max ohms/sq
  • Dust and Dirt do not cling to plastic sheeting

Common Applications:

Surface protection during installation, construction maintenance, repair, tenant improvement, hospital renovation, and telecommunication work.

6 mil anti-static fire retardant plastic sheeting for surface protection

  • Requires a Hand Held Heating tool to shrink film
  • Available up to 30ft. wide, in 9 and 12 mil thicknesses
  • Manufactured with UV inhibitors to extend life during sun exposure to up to 2 years
  • Passes NFPA 701-04 Test 1
  • Can be recycled using REBAG recycling bags. This is a #4 LDPE
  • Available in both Fire Retardant and non-FR and UVI

Common Applications:

Wrap scaffolding, covers buildings, bridges, ships, temporary roof cover, storage cover, transportation cover, industrial containment and more.

Fire retardant heat shrink wrap for transportation covers

  • Two layers of fire retardant low-density polyethylene (LDPE) and one layer of polyester string reinforcement scrim between the LDPE
  • String reinforcement enhances tear resistance and increases service life
  • Films meet or exceed NFPA’s 701 large and small scale requirements in addition to CPAI Section 6 and 7

Common Applications:

Architectural vapor retarder in walls, ceilings and roofing systems, temporary enclosures, storage covers, construction site cover, bag and tubing, dust partitions, temporary walls, abatement and more.

FR String Reinforced Plastic vapor retarders

  • Heavy Duty, Fire Retardant, OSHA Safety Blue Color
  • Passes NFPA 701-04 Test 1 (small scale) Flammability Test
  • Passes BS2782: Part 1: Method 141: 1986, EN2825 and EN2826, BS476: Part 12: 1991 Ignition Source C and Large Flame Test to LPS 1207: 1994 Section 3.1.3
  • Passes Federak GSA Standard 191 Method 5903 Fire Retardant Test
  • Tested to ASTM C1028-96, anti-slip, anti-skid – Average SCOF 0.73
  • Tapes easily in place; easy to cut and size around structures.

Common Applications:

Cover and protect decks on military ships, yachts, tennis courts, hospital corridors, nuclear power plant floors.

14 and 30 mil cover and protection for decks

  • Industrial duty, fire retardant temporary carpet protection
  • Reverse wound on the roll for fast and easy installation.
  • Increases fire safety on the job site
  • Passes NFPA 701-01 Test 1 (vertical test accepted worldwide)
  • Passes CFR 1630 Fire Retardant Standard (used to certify fire retardant carpeting)
  • Designed for jobs, events, or projects for up to 45 days per application.

Common Applications:

Specified for use on maritime, government, school and hospital projects.

FR Carpet cover for maritime, government, school, and hospital

  • Passes NFPA 701-04 Test 1
  • Tested and approved for the Boeing BAC5034-2 and PSD 6-19
  • Passes California Title 19 Fire Retardant Standard
  • Tapes easily in place and blocks light.

Common Applications:

Covering for cargo and airplane parts, black-out curtains, covering sensitive shipments, haunted house walls, bloom rooms, and more

4 and 8 mil black FR sheeting

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