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The BearAcade™ Way

BearAcade® US Patent 7,818,941 issued October 26th 2010

for Abatement of Asbestos, Lead, & Mold

Saves Time & Money

• Reduces slip hazard on floors

• Less bending, less lifting

• Reduces need for ladders

• Fewer containment failures

• Can be installed by one person


• No billowing with air pressure

• Self-Adhesive

• Water won't escape if breached

• Reduces the need for spray adhesives

• Safer clean up when vacuuming

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6 mil Multi Surface Containment Film by BearAcade

6 mil Multi Surface Containment Film by BearAcade
  • Color: Clear
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6 mil Carpet Containment Film by BearAcade

6 mil Carpet Containment Film by BearAcade
  • Color: Clear
  • Call 1.800.747.6095


The goal of creating containments is to...

Isolate the workspace from the outside environment, allowing for the control and removal of harmful materials such as asbestos and mold. To achieve this goal, the containment must have the ability to create and maintain a sealed environment for the time to complete the work.

Current containments made from duct tape and visqueen type plastic poly films have failed to meet this requirement. They fail because the duct taped plastic releases from the wall, reducing or eliminating the negative pressure within the containment. This creates the potential for particle release outside of the containment. Walls and floors, under negative pressure, “billow” out or up to distances of 2-3 feet creating loss of visual space. Workers must be careful to avoid cutting or tearing the “billowed” film with tools and equipment. The two layers of floor film not only “billow,” but are slippery. This can cause tripping and other safety concerns. Insurance rates reflect many of these hazards of building containments with the current method using duct tape and poly film.

The BearAcade® Products line is dedicated to improving the abatement of noxious materials by bringing new technology and methods that result in improved isolation containments. A new way of building containments has been developed to address both the quality and lower overall costs. New materials consisting of adhesives that are removable but have the holding power to provide containments that will not fail, and methods of building containments, including applicators that can deliver ten times the average square foot per man hour have been developed. This new system, “The BearAcade® Way” has provided some contractors the ability to double their business and deliver improved containments to their customers. “The BearAcade® Way” was developed and tested by abatement contractors to insure real world performance on the job.

Watch the video below to see how easy and fast it is to set up an abatement containment the BearAcade® Way.

Why Choose BearAcade®?

• Hand or machine application; machine application results in a 10 fold increase in the average square feet per hour; significant increase (2 fold) in the average number of criticals per hour.

• Contractors reduce overall costs, improving profits, and competitiveness to win more contracts.

• Does not fall from walls - stays up until the job is finished. No time lost reapplying a failed containment.

• Superior holding power. BearAcade films are fully coated with an adhesive designed for abatement conditions. Holds two times the negative pressure requirements for removal of asbestos.

• Eliminate “billowing” from wall and floors. Improves vision within the containment, eliminates accidental snagging of the billowing film with tools or equipment, and floors are less slippery than “billowed” floors.

• Improves clean up and vacuuming. Floor layers are bonded to each other resulting in a surface that is easily cleaned.

• Eliminates the need for spray adhesive primers during installation.

• No clean up of adhesive residue prior to repainting.

• Reduces damage to painted wallboard surfaces, reducing prep work prior to repainting.

• Superior seal quality of the overall containment. Fully coated sheets result in improved seal over the total containment. Conformance to asbestos abatement regulations.

• “The BearAcade Way®” was developed and tested by abatement contractors to insure real world performance.

BearAcade® FAQ’s

Q. How fast can I apply BearAcade®?
A. Obviously depending on the surface and area, but typically on walls and floors contractors can apply BearAcade® utilizing the applicators 9-10x’s as fast as the traditional method. For instance, many contractors average 350 sq. ft. an hour for walls and floors hanging poly with duct tape and spray glue. With BearAcade® that number increases to 3500 sq. ft. an hour.

Q. What about criticals?
A. Again, obviously it depends on the surface and area, but typical criticals can be applied 4-5x’s as fast. For instance, using the traditional method (duct-tape, glue and poly) it takes 10-15 minutes to critical a door. However using BearAcade®, a door can be finished in less than a minute. That’s 10x as fast!

Q. Do I have to tape the seams?
A. No, BearAcade® is a lot like tape and sticks well to the surface and itself creating a tight seal. Duct tape is porous and BearAcade® is not. So, you will reach the negative air requirement faster using BearAcade®.

Q. What are some of the best ways to use BearAcade®?
A. Almost all critical barriers, splashguards for mastic removal, and full containments (walls and floors) wrap and cuts, and dust control.

Q. What about containment failures?
A. With BearAcade® containment failures are greatly reduced. With duct tape you may have only two inches of tape holding up your containment. However, with BearAcade® you have the whole surface adhered. This gives the containment much more stability and strength and that means your containment stays on the wall.

Q. Does BearAcade® Billow out under negative air?
A. No. Unlike regular poly, BearAcade® when under negative air doesn’t billow out from the walls and floors. It stays tight to the surface.

Q. Is BearAcade® for every situation?
A. There are some industrial situations that need regular poly. Sometimes you will use both BearAcade® and regular poly. But you should be able to use BearAcade® for every critical barrier.

Q. Is BearAcade® more expensive than poly?
A. Time is money, BearAcade® is more expensive per sq ft than poly, keep in mind BearAcade® goes up 9 to 10 times faster and there is no need for duct tape and spray glue. Your labor savings will give you the most savings as well as fewer injuries due to tripping.

Q. Can I put two layers on the walls and floors?
A. Yes. BearAcade® sticks to itself and is designed to be layered on walls and floors as the specifications call for it.

Q. Will the layers come off of each other?
A. BearAcade® like most rolls of tape have a release coat on the backing. What that means is that BearAcade® will stick to itself, but it will also come off of itself. So you can take down your containment one layer at a time without tearing off the criticals.

Q. What about rolling scaffolding over it?
A. BearAcade® adheres tight to the surface, you can roll scaffolding over it without tearing up the plastic. Since it doesn’t billow or slide around, it is a much safer and easier surface to work on than normal poly.

Q. What about water?
A. BearAcade® will trap any water if there is a breach. It will bubble up and then the contractor can puncture the bubble, vacuum out the water and patch the hole in mere seconds. If water breaches a regular containment built with regular poly and duct tape, water will travel the length of the containment, making cleanup messy while adding time to the job.

Q. What about cleanup?
A. Cleanup is one of the best attributes of BearAcade®. When applied to floors, it lays very flat and tight to the floor which allows the contractor to actually squeegee the water and vacuum without sucking the poly into the vacuum.

Q. Is BearAcade® more slippery than regular poly?
A. Actually it is less slippery. When two layers on a floor, they are tight to the floor which means that the poly is sliding around against itself. It is a safer product to work on than regular poly.

Q. How long can BearAcade® stay up?
A. We recommend that BearAcade® stay up no longer than 30 days. There are so many variables to consider, heat, humidity and surface, that we would recommend that you use caution in keeping up a containment longer than 30 days.

Q. What about stairs?
A. If you have ever tried to duct tape poly to steps on a stairway then you know it is hard to do and can become a very slippery environment to walk on. However, with BearAcade® you have a tight surface to walk on. Try it on stairs, it is much easier to apply, and much safer to work and walk on stairs with BearAcade® applied.

Q. Does BearAcade® leave a residue?
A. No. BearAcade® is manufactured in such a way that the adhesive is anchored which means that when it is removed from a surface, the adhesive doesn’t stay behind. It won’t leave residue behind. Rest assured that when you clean up, you won’t have to clean up the residue from BearAcade®.

Q. Are there surfaces where BearAcade® will not work?
A. No. Most surfaces work well using BearAcade®. However, we do suggest you test a surface prior to construction of your containment. We also suggest that you follow our BearAcade® guidelines to insure that you match the right version to the right surface.

Q. What surfaces can I cover with Multi-surface BearAcade®
A. Multi-Surface BearAcade®, a uniquely integrated adhesive system designed to adhere to almost every surface and allow a clean and easy release.

Q. What surface can I cover with Carpet BearAcade®?
A. All carpet piles.

Q. Which new version of BearAcade® compares best with 6 mil
Medium which I’m familiar with.
A. The Carpet version uses the exact same adhesive level as the original BearAcade® 6CLM.

Q. Will I need duct tape or spray glue?
A. No. BearAcade® is all you will need. That’s the beauty of BearAcade®. You don’t need the additional expense of duct tape and spray glue.

Q. What are some of the downsides of duct tape and spray glue?
A. First, duct tape and spray glue leave calling cards behind. In other words, duct tape and spray glue leave residue on walls and floors. You don’t have that worry with BearAcade®.

Q. Are custom sizes available?
A. Yes, however there are minimum order requirements. Keep in mind however, that our applicators are designed for 4ft rolls, and custom sizes will make it more difficult to apply.

Q. Can we buy BearAcade® from Americover?
A. BearAcade® is available exclusively through distribution channels which are viewable on our website, or call for a nearby distributor.