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8 mil Heat Shrink Wrap by Americover®

8 mil shrink wrap is an excellent thickness. This White colored shrink wrap is the color that works best for most shrink wrapping applications. We have a large selection of mil thicknesses and widths to cover almost any item. White reflects heat and stays tight in all weather conditions which makes it an ideal transportation cover. In addition, as the white reflects heat it keeps whatever is underneath the shrinkwrap more of a constant temperature, thereby minimizing condensation and moisture build up.


Common Applications:

• Marine shrink wrap of Large Boats and other vehicles

• Cover for irregular shaped objects

• Large Building Frame wrap

• Storage Cover for Large Machinery with sharp protrusions

• Transportation cover of large or medium sized machinery.

• Industrial containment of plant equipment/components


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7 mil Heat Shrink Wrap by Americover®

7 mil Heat Shrink Wrap by Americover®
  • Color: White, Blue, Clear
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