preparing for hurricane and disaster season,

Contractors: Be Ready for Hurricane and Disaster Season

Hurricane season runs from June 1 to Nov. 30 – that’s half of the year that you need to take extra precautions. Having a quick resource for plastic sheeting sheeting products can save you an insurmountable amount of money in the event that a storm hits. Follow these procedures when preparing for hurricane and disaster season, but also stock up on these essential plastic sheeting products.  Storms are not only known for the aftermath they leave behind, but when the roads close due to flooding, it can also result in a shortage of materials and an inflation of prices to meet customer demand.  


10 mil Clear Reinforced Plastic Sheeting for Outdoor Weather Protection

This extremely durable plastic sheeting has long life expectancy outdoors.  It is an excellent solution that can be used to protect damaged roofs, greenhouses, building sites and more until proper repairs can be made.  During a time when you may have a backlog of customers who need emergency services, this can serve as a waterproof protective layer until you can deliver results.  


Fire Retardant Plastic Sheeting for Indoor Containment 

With fire risk being high after storm damage, fire retardant materials are essential for indoor containments.  Available in 6 mil for light to medium duty, and 10 mil for heavy duty applications, fire retardant plastic sheeting is the ideal product solution to create a temporary containment area that meets building fire codes.    We also offer an antistatic plastic sheeting product perfect for protecting sensitve electronic equipment like computers and telecommunication centers.


BearAcade Sticky Poly for Abatement and Demolition

When removing hazardous and contaminated materials or demolishing a building with glass, 6 mil BearAcade Sticky Poly is up for the job.  This durable 6 mil, self-adhesive film meets the specifications for abatement jobs and outperforms other solutions when removing glass windows and mirrors during demolition.  Clean up is less of a challenge with the superior protection of plastic sheeting products like BearAcade.  

Heavy-Duty Weatherproof Tapes

Heavy-duty tape can come in handy when you need larger covers or containment enclosures.  Our Vapor Tape, Butyl Tape, and Flame Retardant Tapes perform exceptionally well in many applications to seam plastic sheeting panels, adhere plastic sheeting to other surfaces, and repair liners.  


Heat Shrink Wrap for Temporary Weather Protection

For long-term weather protection for roofing, equipment, and machines, Heat Shrink Wrap can withstand winds up to 60mph.  It is a flexible plastic sheeting solution that conforms to objects to create a drum-tight protective covering from the elements.  It has great tear resistance and it is easy to install.    


HDPE Liners and String Reinforced Plastic Sheeting for Mitigation

In the event that you need to redirect water flow or prevent mudslides, both HDPE liners and String Reinforced plastic sheeting are durable mitigation solutions.  When used with sand bags and other wall barrier products you can divert the flow of water associated with heavy rainfall and ground saturation.  


Assess Damage and Start Recovery

When you have the right plastic sheeting products at your disposal, you can prevent delays in recovery efforts.  Remember, most heavy-duty plastic sheeting supplies are manufactured primarily for disaster aid agencies like FEMA and The Red Cross during a crisis.   Be prepared for when the storm hits.


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