Products to Help You Contain Dust During Renovation

Products to Help You Contain Dust During Renovation

If you’ve ever remodeled a residential or commercial building, you probably know that renovation and dust are pretty much synonymous. Any project involving sanding wood or cutting drywall is bound to wreak havoc on your floors and surfaces – and, if not properly mitigated, can also impact your health.

There’s no getting around the fact that construction is messy, but there are a number of measures you can take to contain that mess to the area that you are renovating. Americover offers a variety of dust containment options, including fire-retardant and anti-static covers, to help save you the extra time and aggravation of having to clean up messy surfaces. Here are some of our most popular dust containment solutions to protect your walls, floors, countertops and airducts during your next remodel.

Partitioning Rooms & Protecting Walls

Whether you need to create a dust barrier or protect your walls, polyethylene sheeting is the strongest, most versatile option for temporary dust containment. Heavy-duty poly sheeting is especially useful if you need to isolate an entire room or section off a specific area, and it can be easily taped to the wall to protect your paint or wallpaper from damage.

Americover offers a number of tear-resistant and fire-retardant plastic sheeting solutions to contain dust and help protect your home or construction site from fire hazards. Each of the following dust containment products meets National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 701 fire standards.

Dura Skrim Fire-Retardant Reinforced Poly Sheeting

Available in six or 10-mil thickness, Dura-Skrim is a fire-retardant reinforced poly sheeting solution. This puncture-resistant material consists of two sheets of high-strength fire-retardant virgin film laminated together with a third layer of molten polyethylene for heavy-duty and long-term surface protection.

White Fire-Retardant Plastic Sheeting

Americover’s four-mil white fire-retardant plastic sheeting can be used as a dust barrier or construction enclosure to prevent the spread of dust and debris. Fire certificates are included with your purchase so that you can easily prove compliance with applicable fire codes.

Black Fire-Retardant Plastic Sheeting

Available in four or eight-mil thickness, black fire-retardant sheeting from Americover meets all relevant NFPA and ASTM safety requirements, as well as California Title 19 requirements for use in indoor dust barriers, around curtain partitions, on equipment and more. Fire certificates are included with your purchase so that you can easily prove compliance with applicable fire codes.

Tuff-Scrim™ Reinforced Poly Sheeting

Available in a wide variety of thicknesses, Tuff-Scrim is made with a three-ply laminate that combines layers of linear low-density polyethylene film with a high-strength cord grid for a heavy duty, lightweight material that won’t rip or tear. Tuff-Scrim is ideal for containment, dust barriers, equipment coverage and temporary wall solutions.

Repel Dust with Antistatic Poly

As any contractor or DIY homeowner can attest, containing dust is only half the battle. Antistatic fire-retardant sheeting not only prevents the buildup of static electricity to mitigate the risk of fire, but it also repels dust from reaching your walls and surfaces in the first place.

Antistatic sheeting is the contractor preferred surface protection solution. If your planned renovation is in an area with lots of electronic equipment or in a commercial space antistatic fire-retardant poly is your best bet. Common applications for antistatic fire-retardant plastic sheeting include:

  • Containment
  • Dust Containment
  • Dust Partition
  • Temporary Wall
  • Equipment in electrical rooms and data centers
  • Partitions
  • Temporary walls
  • Building enclosures

Americover offers two high-quality antistatic solutions to minimize damage from electrical fires while also repelling dust.

Antistatic Fire-Retardant Plastic Sheeting

This six-mil polyethylene film was originally designed to meet stringent regulations for use in the telecommunications industry, which makes it a trusted and compliant solution for preventing the buildup of static electricity and repelling dust.

Tuff-Scrim™ Antistatic Fire-Retardant Reinforced Poly Sheeting

Tuff-Scrim by Americover is a lightweight, tear-resistant film that has been engineered with fire-retardant and antistatic additives, making it inherently flame-retardant and dust resistant.

Fire-Retardant Tape for Fire-Retardant Poly

When it comes to fire protection, you want to be fully covered, which is why it only makes sense to pair your fire-retardant poly with fire-retardant tape. Americover has you covered with a variety of fire-retardant tapes to help seal the job.

White Fire-Retardant Tape (225 FR)

This waterproof, flame-retardant and polyethylene-coated cloth tape adheres firmly to a wide variety of surface materials, including plastic and steel, making it ideal for protecting ducts.

Blue Fire-Retardant Tape (337 FRPE)

Ideal for seaming, sealing and repairing flame-retardant poly, our multi-purpose fire-retardant tape provides a high level of adherence but is also versatile enough to be easily repositioned and removed from surfaces without leaving residue.

Black Fire-Retardant Tape (268 FR)

This 8.5-mil duct tape is both ASTM D 568 and ISO 3795 certified and is equipped with an acrylic coated cloth and rubber adhesive that self-extinguishes when the source of the fire has been eliminated.

Steele Tape™

Backed with PVC vinyl, Steele tape from Americover is equipped with a rubber adhesive for strong resistance to high-voltage materials and areas vulnerable to oil, chemicals, solvents, acids, moisture and corrosion, making it an ideal solution for electrical binding and carbon composite applications.

Need a Tapeless Dust Containment Solution?

While many of our tapes have been designed to be cleanly removed from walls and surfaces, we realize adhesives aren’t always a viable option. Zipwall® Dust Barrier Poles are a non-stick solution for securing your plastic sheeting from floor to ceiling without compromising your paint or materials. With Zipwall, you can easily create a dust barrier or temporary wall up to 20 feet high using zip poles – no ladders or tape necessary.

Light Protection for Quick Jobs

At Americover, we realize not every job requires the full-scale, long-term protection that many of our surface containment products afford. If you’re in a hurry or have a project that just requires a quick-fix, Rapid Wall Cover Pre-Taped Poly is the ideal solution. Simply unroll the poly film as you tape the poly in place and drape it over the surface you need to cover. The poly is designed to cling to any surface while anchoring to paint overspray, making Rapid Wall perfect for weekend or evening projects.

Temporary Floor Protection

In any construction project, floors naturally tend to receive the brunt of the damage. Floors are vulnerable to much more than dust, making temporary flooring protection an essential component of any renovation or remodel. Following best construction practices and using the proper materials will help protect your floors from damage and avoid costly repairs. Americover offers waterproof floor protection products for any type of flooring.

Carpet Cover Self-Adhesive Carpet Protection

Americover’s clear self-adhesive carpet cover or carpet mask provides full protection over any carpeted surface during construction, remodeling or any high-traffic event. Our carpet cover is also available in a flame-retardant version for added fire protection.

Fire-Retardant Hard Surface Cover

Puncture-resistant, lightweight and reusable, Americover’s hard surface cover is equipped with fire retardance and anti-slip protection to improve worker safety and protect floors, decks, corridors, athletic courts and more.

Dura-Skrim Fire-Retardant Reinforced Plastic Sheeting

Dura-Skrim is a puncture-resistant construction film reinforced with a layer of polyester scrim to prevent tearing. Available in six or 10-mill thickness, this heavy-duty poly protects a wide variety of surfaces from damage resulting from construction activity.

Multi-Surface Cover Self-Adhesive Protection

This versatile, self-adhesive surface cover provides a single solution for all of the different types of flooring in your home, as well as countertops, cabinets, appliances and more. The material conforms to surfaces upon application, acting as a second skin to prevent scratches and stains while blocking out dust and debris.

Mind What’s on Your Shoes

The best way to prevent dirtying and damaging your floors is to address the source of the issue – in many cases, your shoes. Just like no one is allowed into a cleanroom without proper foot protection, anyone coming in and out of your home during a construction project should have to take proper measures to avoid bringing the outside in – or carrying dust and debris from room to room. Fortunately, Americover has a number of solutions to mitigate this issue as well.

Sticky Mat Tacky Mats

Another common cleanroom staple, sticky mats remove dust and dirt from the bottom of your shoes to prevent dirt from spreading throughout your home or construction site. Americover’s sticky mats are customizable, allowing you to add instructions (e.g., “Step Here Before Entering”) so that everyone is on the same page with regard to the rules of the house or job site.

Don’t Forget to Cover the Ducts

Embarking on a commercial renovation and need to cover the ducts? Americover has you and your HVAC system covered with our DuctCap Duct Cover Bags. Made with virgin polyethylene and an elastic opening designed to seamlessly conform to the size and shape of the duct, our duct cover bags prevent moisture, dirt particles, and dust and debris from entering the air handling system and causing damage.

Your Trusted Source for Temporary Dust Containment

We know remodels and renovations can be overwhelming for even the most seasoned construction professionals, and surface protection is just one of many factors you’ll need to consider. We are here to help you determine the best solution for your application, or to answer any technical questions you may have. Just give us a call at 760-388-6294 or tell us a bit about your project and needs via the contact form on our website.

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