Indoor Remodel Dust Control & Containment: A Complete Guide

Indoor Remodel Dust Control & Containment: A Complete Guide

Dust control during an interior renovation isn’t just a matter of cleaning up surface dust. The name of the game is dust containment. You want to proactively mitigate the risks dust poses, like respiratory illness and permanent damage to furniture and electronics. Doing so can save health, money, and reduce stress by preventing expensive dust damage and cleanup. What types of projects require dust control, and what materials like plastic sheeting and other materials should you use? Here’s a pro’s guide to dust control solutions.

Goals of Dust Control

Before you create a dust control program, it’s important to know what you’re seeking to accomplish. Typically, the main goals are to:

  • Keep dust off furniture
  • Avoid damage to cabinets
  • Protect floors and carpets
  • Ensure adjoining areas do not accumulate dust

Look around the area you’re seeking to renovate. Do you have any additional goals to add to this list? Write them down before consulting with a dust control solutions provider. That way you can explain exactly what your concerns are.

Effective Dust Control Materials

With so many dust control materials available on the market, it can be difficult to choose the right one for your needs. Depending upon where you are mitigating dust, what you are covering, and if the construction job calls for a fire-retardant containment solution, you have a variety of Americover products to choose from. Several of our products are suitable for fire-retardant and even antistatic dust protection and can be customized for specific uses across various industries.

While there is no one-size-fits-all solution, let us walk you through a few of our best-selling materials here at Americover:

6 Mil String Reinforced Poly:

6 Mil String-Reinforced Plastic Sheeting is the most commonly used material for dust control, with 6 mil thickness being the most cost-effective choice. The sheeting is made with a 3-ply laminate combining layers of linear low-density polyethylene film with a high-strength cord grid specifically engineered to provide a heavy-duty, lightweight material that won’t rip or tear. UV stabilization prevents degradation during extended exposure to sun and cold-crack resistance eliminates failures in extremely cold temperatures, so it’s great for a variety of both indoor and outdoor applications.

String-reinforced plastic sheeting is an ideal solution for containment, dust barriers, equipment coverage, and temporary wall coverings.

Fire-Retardant and Antistatic Sheeting:

Antistatic and fire-retardant containment sheeting is especially necessary for construction dust control in the telecommunications industry, which requires all materials stored overnight to be “completely covered” with a fire-retardant tarp clearly marked to meet NFPA 701 or UL214 standards. Schools, hospitals, and residential complexes usually have similar requirements.

Antistatic fire-retardant sheeting not only prevents the buildup of static electricity to mitigate the risk of fire, but it also repels dust from reaching your walls and surfaces in the first place. Antistatic sheeting is the contractor-preferred surface protection solution. If your planned renovation is in an area with lots of electronic equipment or in a commercial space, antistatic fire-retardant poly is your best bet. Common applications for antistatic fire-retardant plastic sheeting include:

  • Dust Containment
  • Dust Partition
  • Equipment in electrical rooms and data centers
  • Partitions
  • Temporary walls
  • Building enclosures

Tip: Use our Zipwall® Dust Barrier Poles along with any plastic sheeting to create a containment or temporary wall up to 20 feet high without ladders or tape.

Rapid Wall Cover:

Looking for a light-duty material that will cling to virtually any surface? Rapid Wall Cover® by Americover is made with a non-adhesive film pre-attached to a non-transferring painter’s tape that quickly and flexibly covers everything from walls and doors to furniture, appliances, and more. The cover is great for remodeling projects, because it’s easy to install and leaves no damage when removed.

Carpet Cover:

Carpet cover, or “carpet masking,” is a go-to solution for home dust control during a renovation. Carpet Cover Self Adhesive Carpet Protection, while only 3 mils thick, is surprisingly strong and able to withstand heavy foot traffic. Many contractors prefer Americover’s carpet cover, because it is amazingly durable, puncture and tear resistant. This high tech, water-based adhesive system has major benefits over solvent-based systems in that it won’t discolor or dye the carpets. Plus, it has a clean release for easy removal without adhesive transfer – simply roll up the dust and dirt into the film when you’re finished.

Multi-Surface Covers:

Large-scale construction projects call for an industrial-strength, multi-surface cover that can be used for floors, sinks, tubs, cabinets, countertops and just about any other hard surface. A water-based adhesive system like that on Americover’s multi-surface cover is beneficial for easy removal with no residue. This solution can last up to 45 days, serving as a “second skin” to the items covered.

10 Mil Heavy-Duty Plastic Sheeting:

For jobs that require a combination of brawn and finesse, we recommend 10 mil heavy-duty plastic sheeting. Combined with quality material, a thicker sheeting solution provides additional protection against scratches, tears, punctures, and other damage that would allow dust to infiltrate surfaces.

Correx® Boards:

Correx® Board is a flame-retardant corrugated polypropylene panel available in a range of thicknesses. Used in a variety of applications, though especially popular for dust containment and control, the Correx® Board is extremely versatile, lightweight, and reusable for construction and temporary protection. Available in multiple thicknesses, Correx® boards are made from corrugated polypropylene, which makes the product tough, durable, waterproof, weatherproof, and exceptionally lightweight.

Correx® Boards are an excellent and cost-effective solution for protecting floors and surfaces during construction or renovation.

Duct & HVAC Covers:

For most commercial renovations or construction, covering the ducts is a necessity to prevent dust buildup from accumulating in multiple areas of the building. To cover the ducts and protect the HVAC system in the building, try our DuctCap Duct Cover Bags. Made with virgin polyethylene and an elastic opening designed to seamlessly conform to the size and shape of the duct, our duct cover bags prevent damaging moisture, dirt particles, and dust and debris from entering the air handling system.

The best way to prevent dust buildup and contain it is to address the source of the issue – in many cases, shoes. Just like no one is allowed into a cleanroom without proper foot protection, anyone coming in and out of the contained area during a construction project should have to take proper measures to avoid carrying dust and debris from room to room. Good solutions for this include Booties, which are non-woven fabric shoe covers that help filter particulates for contamination control, or Sticky Mats, which remove dust and dirt from the bottom of your shoes to prevent dirt from spreading throughout the building or construction site.

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