How the BOLD Ezarm Simplifies the Light Dep Process

It’s Easy to See How the BOLD Ezarm Simplifies the Light Dep Process

Light deprivation, or light depping, can be a time-consuming task when you have several greenhouses to cover and no one to help. It takes solid teamwork and multiple hands to properly cover a greenhouse to ensure that every inch is covered and no light is shining through. If you have found yourself struggling to cover your greenhouse with light deprivation tarps, or want a simpler solution, we can help simplify the light dep process.

Consider using a tool designed for greenhouse coverage to complete the task, like the BOLD EZarm Tarp Puller. Discover how this plastic sheeting tool will help you.

One Person Is All It Takes

The task of covering a greenhouse alone is frustrating. Greenhouses are wide and tall, so it isn’t an easy task to reach over and pull the tarp down.  However, using a tool like the BOLD EZarm Tarp Puller can help you manage it all on your own.

One person can cover a greenhouse in one minute. With two people, you can cover a greenhouse in 30 seconds. Watch our team demonstrate this product below:

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The Light Dep Process in One Swift Motion

As shown in the video above, this plastic sheeting tool can cover your growing area in one swift motion. The telescoping adjustable arm makes the light dep process easy to accomplish. The BOLD EZarm extends above the greenhouse so you can pull the tarp over with little effort. Best of all, you can adjust the arm length to fit your needs. The arm accommodates a greenhouse up to 15 feet to accommodate a 30-foot wide greenhouse.

Easy Construction and Set-Up

Another way that the BOLD EZarm simplifies the light dep process is with its easy setup. The product comes complete with enough pieces to assemble two arms.  The arms attach to a base that utilizes four bolt holes to mount to a concrete footing.  The arms pivot on high-performance poly inserts bushings to provide a smooth and rust-resistant pivoting action. Attach a blackout light deprivation tarp-like BOLD by simply placing it between the angle iron bracket and the vinyl-padded round tube.  Once this clamp has a stronghold on the material, you’re ready to start saving in labor efforts and time.  

bold ez arm accessories

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Bold EZarm Tarp Puller

The BOLD EZarm allows a single person to easily cover and uncover a greenhouse without additional help. This innovative product was specially designed to secure BOLD blackout light dep covers but works with any light deprivation cover.

BOLD EZarm Benefits:

  • One person can quickly cover a greenhouse
  • Easy to use and saves pulling time
  • Covers greenhouses up to 30 feet wide, 15 feet high
  • Sturdy and strong foundation base plate
  • Compliments the top-selling BOLD light dep cover

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