winter weather enclosure on job site

Temporary Weather Enclosure Plastic Sheeting for Construction

While most construction companies shut down during the winter, companies like Traver Beebe General Contractor in Montana brave the cold temperatures, rain, snow, and high winds to meet their promised deadlines.  Traver Beebe began this home construction project in August before the cold weather became a factor, but he knew as the months passed, he would need a weather barrier for the job site so his team could continue working despite the frigid temps.

Weather can be unpredictable.  Plan Ahead.

weather enclosure plastic sheeting for house renovation

Traver found us on the internet during his search for material to enclose his job site.  He chose Americover’s 10 mil string reinforced plastic sheeting product SolaScrim™.



weather enclosure for winter construction

We checked in with him in mid-November, and at this point, the material had been up for about four months.  He was overall impressed with how well it withstands the varying weather temperatures, snowdrifts, and insulates against the cold winds.


Weather Enclosure Plastic Sheeting Protects Job Sites

We have ideal weather in Southern California for year-round construction, but where the weather is everchanging, you may want to consider using a weather barrier.  We offer a wide variety of job site enclosure products.  So, you don’t have to shut down operations when the weather tries to rain on your parade.  The following weather barrier products have features to ensure they outlast the season and keep business running as usual.  For lightweight protection we recommend our 6 mil string reinforced plastic sheeting weather barriers and for heavy-duty protection we recommend 10 mil string reinforced SolaScrim™ or DS10HUV string reinforced plastic sheeting weather barriers.

About Americover

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