The Benefits of Clear PVC Curtains as a Barrier

There has undoubtedly been an increase in demand for PPE (personal protective equipment) over the last year due to COVID-19.  Business owners have had to be creative to stay compliant with CDC guidelines and building code regulations so they can remain open.   One of the most cost effective solutions is creating a temporary barrier.  Clear Vinyl Plastic Sheeting has played a major role in protective barriers in hospitals, salons, schools, restaurants, offices, anywhere separation is needed.  Keep reading to learn more about the benefits Clear PVC Curtains has to offer.

What is Clear PVC

PVC is a commonly used high-strength thermoplastic polymer that’s available in a rigid or flexible form.  The rigid form is what they use to make pipes, doors, bottles, toys, etc.  The flexible form is more suitable for sheeting.  “PVC is inherently a self-extinguishing fire retardant material due to the abundance of chlorine in its formulation”.  It’s ideal for indoor and outdoor applications where you want a transparent barrier.  

Why Use Clear PVC Plastic Sheeting?

Clear PVC Plastic Sheeting is window clear.  You can see through it, just as you do glass, but it’s not as fragile or permanent.  This makes it an excellent barrier solution such as dividers in temporary medical facilities like COVID testing sites and housing shelters.  Clear Vinyl Plastic Sheeting is also an effective weather barrier for outdoor restaurant patios, and as strip door curtains in industrial facilities and workshops.  Within the last year or so, it’s also commonly used as dividing curtains in public facilities as PPE barriers.  

Using clear vinyl sheeting as barriers can reduce the spread of germs because it is non-porous and waterproof.  It’s also easy to clean with mild soap and water.  When PVC plastic sheeting is used as a weather barrier it can prevent the loss of cold or hot air.  Americover’s DPC clear vinyl is NFPA 701 certified in compliance with building codes that require a fire retardant curtain barrier for public safety.

Installing Clear PVC Plastic Sheeting as a Curtain Barrier

Our fire retardant vinyl dividers can be secured to walls using double-sided tape, hung with ceiling hangers, or secured with a grommet snap. The ease of installation makes this product truly versatile and capable of working in any facility.  DPC clear vinyl can be glued together to create multiple widths – the roll width is 4.5’. Using vinyl glue or tape you can create wider curtains to fit your specific needs. They’re available in 4.5’ x 8’ pre-hemmed curtains to use with a tension rod. Like all of Americover products, they’re made of high-quality plastic in the USA. 

From COVID Barriers to Strip Door Curtains, it’s clear to see how beneficial a product like clear PVC vinyl plastic sheeting can be in your application.  Here are some common applications our customers use it for: 

  • COVID Barrier
  • Factory Curtains
  • Patio Enclosures
  • Cooler Curtains
  • Temporary Windows
  • Chemical Splash Curtains

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