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What’s That Smell Coming From My Crawlspace?

If you have encapsulated your crawlspace with a vapor barrier liner from Americover, it is definitely not coming from your crawlspace liner. Americover’s crawlspace liners and vapor barriers are manufactured in the USA with 100% virgin polyethylene, so it will not permeate or off-gas like cheap regrind plastic sheeting does. Click here to see a wide variety of crawlspace materials you should consider.


Often times, the odor is coming from the soil. Over time, the concentration builds up under the crawlspace liner until it gets to a high enough concentration and “leaks” through any small openings in the encapsulation system (seams, holes, perimeter, etc.) and makes its way into the main portion of the house. The best way to correct this is to install a radon fan & evacuation system under the liner & vent the gases out of the crawlspace.



Crawlspace Maintenence has some really great information addressing Crawlspace problems occurring before encapsulating.

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