Haunted House on Fire

Haunted House Plastic Needs to be Fire Retardant

A haunted attraction became a real life scary story at Six Flags Great Adventure amusement park in Jackson Township, New Jersey. The Haunted Castle was a walk through ride designed to scare customers, not much different from the Halloween attractions millions enjoy every year. The castle was decorated with plastic monsters, skulls and other scary features to entertain the imagination. It was originally constructed in 1978 and had since expanded to 450 feet of dark paths with actors dressed as Dracula and other creepy creatures jumping out to scare you along the way. The evening of May 11th, 1984 a fire started, leaving a dozen or so to be treated for smoke inhalation, and another 8 to die by asphyxia, the severe deficiency of oxygen to the body due to choking or suffocation. The source of the fire was supposedly from a lighter being used to light the way through a dark corridor. Unfortunately the aftermath resulted in charges of aggravated manslaughter because the park was in violation of many state fire codes.

In response to the 1984 Haunted Castle Fire, new fire safety laws were passed to ensure the safety of the people who work and attend these events. NFPA added a new section to their 1988 edition titled, “Special Provisions for Special Amusement Buildings”, which includes requirements such as automatic sprinkler systems, smoke detection systems, directional exit signs, and the use of materials with flame spread ratings of 0 to 25 and smoke ratings of 0 to 450. You can view the current requirements here. There are no Halloween attractions that are excluded from inspection and it’s better to be safe than sorry.

It is because of this, Americover supplies the haunt industry with black fire retardant haunted house plastic sheeting that passes NFPA 701 and is certified through the California State Fire Marshal. It is designed to block light, as well as self-extinguish in the event of a fire. Now there’s no need to fear the Fire Marshal Inspector!

When searching for a haunted house or haunted attraction to attend, visit one with a permit to ensure your safety. If you are building a haunt, visit your city or state website for Haunted House permits.

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