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Why You Need a Dust Plan Before Renovations

Nearly every phase of construction produces dust, which often gets tracked into homes, circulated in ductwork, and spread on furniture and floors. Dust containment should be a priority for every build or remodel.

Here’s why you need a dust plan:

Better dust containment will save you money.

Without a solid dust plan, the damage to furniture, floors, and other personal belongings will increase the overall cost of production. Don’t spend money fixing a problem; save money by having a dust containment plan.

Save DIY for SOD (some other day).

Do it yourself or DIY projects are great for some things, but dust containment isn’t one of them. Don’t use kraft paper to protect personal belongings and keepsakes; polyethylene is a stronger, more durable and cost-efficient product specifically designed for dust containment.

‘Stick’ to quality products.

Rapid Wall Cover is an affordable dust containment product ideal for home renovators and professionals alike. Rapid Wall Cover features a built-in 2” sticky strip: just stick it to your walls, cabinets, or counters, and you’re ready to take on dust.

Seal doors and windows.

Doors and windows are vulnerable sites for dust contamination. Air circulating picks up debris and moves it around a jobsite. Use a durable polyethylene to seal doorways and windows tight.

Containment accessories are essential.

Don’t forget containment accessories specifically designed for dust. Sticky Mats remove dust and debris from shoes and EasyZip HD Zippers are the best way to ensure a tight and lasting seal on plastic sheeting that’s covering a door or entrance.

Dust containment is no joke. If you’re planning a remodel soon, plan ahead for dust containment to ensure a remodeling investment doesn’t fade to, well, dust.

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