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underslab vapor and gas barriers

Your Installation Guide to Underslab Vapor and Gas Barriers

In the past several articles, you’ve learned the importance of using a vapor barrier and how to select the right product for your construction project. The next step is understanding how to install these underslab vapor and gas barriers correctly. This guide will walk you through the installation process and demonstrate how to effectively add these to your projects. 

underslab vapor and gas barriersInstalling an Underslab Vapor Barrier

When you’re ready for your vapor barrier, it’s important to install this barrier directly below or behind the concrete. This will help prevent moisture and damage from surrounding materials from affecting your foundation. 

Here is an example of what this placement looks like for an underslab vapor barrier. The barrier is designated with a blue line. You can see how close the placement is to the concrete in order to protect the walls and flooring from other, harmful elements.

underslab vapor and gas barriersInstalling an Underslab Gas Barrier

Similarly to installing underslab vapor barriers, you need to install your gas barrier directly beneath or behind your concrete. This will protect your foundation from being affected by gas permeable layers below and from surrounding elements. It will also protect your project from any additional moisture build-up as well. 

A VaporBlock Plus Gas Barrier is used in the image to the right. You can see the placement in yellow. The vapor barrier is directly below and adjacent to the concrete floor slab and foundation wall.

If your construction project calls for underslab vapor and gas barriers, proper installation may also require sealing tape. VaporSeal Tape is an effective and durable product that can work in conjunction with both a vapor or gas barrier. This heavy-duty, weather-resistant tape will help keep your liners in place for any application.

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