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Autoflowering vs. Photoperiod Cannabis

Differences between autoflowering and photoperiod strains

If you’ve ever wondered what makes autoflowering plants different than photoperiod strains, you’re not alone. Below, we tackle the pros and cons of growing each and share advice on how to maximize potential yield. Autoflowering According to Nebula Haze and Sirius Fourside at, a wild cannabis strain named ‘Ruderalis’ is ancestor to the autoflowering […]

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RADIANT BARRIERS: Myths, Facts, and Benefits

benefits of using americover radiant barriers

  What is a radiant barrier? A radiant barrier is a reflective surface that prevents radiant heat from entering a home’s heat envelope. When infrared radiation from the sun hits a home’s roof, it heats up the roofing material, which then radiates that heat back out in all directions. A radiant barrier will reflect this […]

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Organic Cannabis Searches For It’s Niche

issues with growing organic cannabis

  It’s been more than six months since California voters legalized the sale and use of recreational marijuana. Proposition 64 outlines more than a dozen different types of licenses, which cover everything from mixed-light cultivation to transportation and testing. These licenses, however, don’t regulate or differentiate organic from non-organic cannabis. Growers and stakeholders alike, particularly […]

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Irrigation Techniques For Sustainability

americovers irrigation techniques for sustainability

  As sustainably concerns focus on agriculture and horticulture, avoiding water waste with efficient irrigation is high on the checklist for growers at every experience level. At the same time, mixing fertilizer into your drip irrigation water — a process called fertigation — lets growers distribute fertilizer more precisely than overhead methods. For small and […]

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6 Tips For A Scary And Safe Halloween Haunt

americover halloween haunted house

Halloween is just around the corner. Have you been thinking of hosting a haunted house this year? Here are some tips for making sure your haunt is scary – and safe.   1.  Include lots of twists and turns Use black plastic hanging from the ceiling or framed with PVC pipe to create partitions, and turn […]

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