20 years

Americover is Celebrating our 20th Year in Business


Americover was originally founded in May 1993 by Tevan Riedel. This small, woman-owned business started out specializing in covering the temporary protection needs of the world’s ship builders, yacht builders and cruise lines, as well as ship repair companies. However, it wasn’t long before other industries found a use and need for our products too. It was our dedication to finding products specific to our customer’s applications that helped our product offerings evolve into what they are today. 20 years later, we now offer an estimated 200 products which include, but are not limited to flexible films and dust control products both domestically and internationally. Many of our high quality films are enhanced with special features such as fire retardant, advanced adhesives, and extra reinforcement. In future, we plan to continue innovating to keep up with the demands of the industries that require our products. Some of the industries we currently serve are maritime, aeronautical, commercial construction, homebuilding, manufacturing and military. A byproduct of this growth, we’re proud to say, is that we have enjoyed long-lasting relationships, many of which are from our very first days of operation. We are excited to forge new relationships on a daily basis and hope to continue doing so for many years to come.