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Ten Advanced Tips for Cannabis Light Deprivation

10 light deprivation tips from Americover

Light deprivation, or “depping,” is a technique used by growers to maximize yield by manipulating light exposure to mimic light conditions that occur in the fall, which forces plants to flower. If you’re new to depping, you may want to review Americover’s intro to light deprivation before digging into the advanced tips below. For those […]

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Whether you’re a seasoned contractor or a DIY novice, following best construction practices and investing in the right protective materials will prevent damage to your floors throughout a remodel. Taking proper precautions for new floors secures your remodeling investment and guards against contaminating adjacent areas not under renovation.   Best Construction Practices Also Protect Floors […]

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Tallying up the Cost of California’s 2017 Wildfires

Cost of California’s 2017 Wildfires

With 42 people killed and more than 14,000 structures either destroyed or damaged, the wildfires that tore across Northern California this fall are the most damaging in the state’s history. Now numbers continue to roll in showing just how costly this disaster was. California Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones said that $3 billion in claims have […]

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Autoflowering vs. Photoperiod Cannabis

Differences between autoflowering and photoperiod strains

If you’ve ever wondered what makes autoflowering plants different than photoperiod strains, you’re not alone. Below, we tackle the pros and cons of growing each and share advice on how to maximize potential yield. Autoflowering According to Nebula Haze and Sirius Fourside at, a wild cannabis strain named ‘Ruderalis’ is ancestor to the autoflowering […]

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Ed Rosenthal on Americover’s BOLD

ed rosenthal mentions bold

Ed Rosenthal is a well-known and long-time advocate for marijuana legalization in California, and he has contributed to High Times Magazine for decades. Rosenthal has just released a new book, Marijuana Harvest: Maximizing Quality & Yield in Your Cannabis Garden, which is co-authored by David Downs, the Cannabis Editor for the San Francisco Chronicle. According […]

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Smelly Crops Drive Pot Farmers Out of Business

Cannabis farmers in Eastern Washington are being driven out of Chelan County–one of the most agricultural counties in the state–by zoning laws restricting grows. The Stranger reported that the smell of cannabis is drawing complaints from residents, causing lawmakers to impose crippling regulations on cannabis farms.   Reporter Lester Black wrote, “The county will no […]

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  Winter can be a challenging time for any farmer, and the same is true for cannabis farmers. While you can’t do anything about the cold weather, you can take a few relatively simple steps to maintain a healthy cannabis farm through the winter months. Here are our recommendations to turn the offseason into a […]

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